Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday

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Let’s call it Birthday Sunday… BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT IS! (That sentence slowly evolved into an Oprah voice.  Just so you know.)

•  French girls really know how to work their scarves!  How To Tie a Scarf Like a French Girl.

 Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito.  I CRIED laughing.  Cried real tears.  If you’ve ever eaten a burrito you’d understand.  (Link contains explicit language, like a lot, because burritos are serious business.)

•  I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of tiny charcoal grills on amazon.  What a bizarre rabbit hole to find yourself in.  It’s summer!  I have a little courtyard.  I want to charcoal it up perhaps with this little Lodge Charcoal Grill.  Then there’s the whole charcoal and briquette rabbit hole.   I never thought I’d be googling things like: Charcoal Briquettes and Lighter Cubes and Chimney Starters.

•  Can we talk about Oprah Chai at Starbucks!?  It’s DELICIOUS! It’s charitable, and IT’S OPRAH!  I’m going to put a candle in it today and make it a birthday chai.

•  Let’s make a summer version of Homemade Lipgloss!  I’m thinking orange and bright pink tones.  Like sherbet!

•  I’m taking my first Barre3 class in New Orleans next week.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed I don’t look like an idiot… but I will and that’s ok.

•  Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown is my favorite show on television.  His book Medium Raw is all up in my queue because my friend Tracy just bought the audio book and I have to do most things that she does.

•  I’m waaay into the new Black Keys album Turn Blue.  Summertime tunes.

•  This is Dali.  This is Warhol.  This is Pollock.  The life and work of famous artists in illustration.  It’s so good!

(Above dress by Girls From Savory because I think someone might ask, and also because their dresses are cute and comfortable and super flattering.  No, I don’t think I’m a fashion blogger. Just sayin’.)

I’m going to go eat all the beignets now!  Have a happy holiday Sunday!

I love you.  (Insert: lip emoji)