Let It Be Friday!

let it be friday

let it be friday

Hello friends!

I’ve been traveling a lot this week and I’m pretty sure I know which way is up, but also… maybe not so much.  I was in New York City walking the streets with copies of Homemade Decadence and little bags of chocolate chip cookies trying to entice just about every magazine editor in the city.  This weekend I’m in Aspen at the Food and Wine Festival drinking as much wine and taking as many pictures as possible.  I’m bound to have a few celebrity chef star-struck moments.  I think Tyler Florence is going to be at the festival, and if you listen to the Joy the Baker Podcast, you know I must find my way to him.

All good things.  Blessings, really.  Aaaand I’m going to need some introvert time for the rest of the summer.  I can only pretend not to be the shy person I really am in quick bursts.

I hope you’ve had a great week and I hope you’re looking forward to a perfect summer weekend.  Let there be sangria and sunscreen.  Pie too!

Here are a few things on my mind and on the Internet:

• I’m working on making new friends in New Orleans.  It’s been really wonderful to have new faces and perspectives come into my life.  It’s really inspiring.  This month I hosted a dinner Anna Watson Carl of The Yellow Table.  She’s traveling around the country gathering strangers and friends around dinner tables to promote her new cookbook!  It seemed like the perfect fit for my friend-making endeavors.  We filled my humble dinner table with new friends and beautiful food.  I’ll share the Strawberry Raspberry Crostata I made for the party next week!

•  If you need a berry dessert for the weekend, because heck yes you do… right!?  Peach and Raspberry Crumble is supreme.

• I’m super smitten with these Toucan stud earrings!  This season’s pineapple / tropical trend continues.

• I talked about facing fears and slowing down on The Jess Lively Podcast .  She has a great show!  Check it out!

•  This Boozey Bourbon Milk Tea with Bourbon Soaked Boba sounds soooooo very good!!

•  My friend Kristin told me about an awesome website about New Orleans!  It’s called Invade (goinvade.com).  It’s a locals look into where to go, what to do, who to know, and what music to listen to.  If you plan on visiting New Orleans definitely check this site!

•  I Already Want To Take A Nap Tomorrow

•  I really want to make Fresh Spring Rolls this summer. I also want to make fresh Jelly Doughnuts.  Actually… maybe I just want to eat Spring Rolls and Jelly Doughnuts.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if I really want to make something or if I just want to gobble it up.

Have a lovely weekend!  If you’re interested in following my Aspen Food and Wine adventures, find me on Instagram @joythebaker.  If not, I’ll be back in my kitchen next week taking pictures of food and my cat.  You know…

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28 thoughts on “Let It Be Friday!

  1. Sangria, sunscreen & pie – sounds like summer to me. You can always quietly stalk Tyler Florence at his restaurant in Mill Valley, CA which he owns with Sammy “I Can’t Drive 55” Hagar. Mow that’s quite the pairing! Have a wonderful time in Aspen.

  2. First, congrats on hitting up the Food and Wine thang — that’s awesome. Second, yikes re: that NOLA website! Sorry, but that site looks like a hastily thrown together project by a recent transplant with big ideas about “lifestyle branding” and “curated content.” There’s barely anything about New Orleans on there, just stuff about boutique retailers and upcoming concerts from (non-local) buzzbands. “Invade” indeed! So tone-deaf to the cultural climate down here. NOLA Defender and NewOrleans.me are much better starting points for real local coverage and listings (not to mention the Advocate or Times-Picayune newspapers).

  3. Hehe..just clicked over to your Raspberry Peach crisp post and had to laugh at the “endless amounts of boring bananas.” Right?? I mean, I know I probably sound whiney when I say it but bunches of bananas are the worst when you just know there are so many other fruits out there that all the cool kids are eating.
    My only consolation is that I get to make a ton of banana bread when I inevitably don’t eat all the bananas…

  4. – This weekend, your Peach and Raspberry Crumble (Saturday) and Jelly Doughnuts from The Sugar Hit (Sunday) are on my list of sweet-eats – YES!
    I sincerely hope you enjoy the Food and Wine Festival this weekend. :)

  5. Spring rolls have become a favorite since visiting Vietnam. Who knew they were so easy to make and they are a fun way to involve guest in a meal, too.

  6. I just made spring rolls last night! They’re actually really easy! I like to lightly fry them in just a little bit of oil to get them nice and crispy.

  7. First of all if you see Tyler Florence give him a big hug from me. The man is so nice to look at and of course I like his recipes. New friends are easy to make, old friends are like a pair of comfortable slippers we love to put on each day. It’s exciting to travel and yes I know what you mean about introvert time. We all need to take a little time for ourselves and relax. So have fun can’t wait to see you back in the kitchen with cat (mine is sitting next to me) as I read your post to her. She really does enjoy it. Thank god its Friday. Paulette P.S, I didn’t know you were shy.

  8. HOLY WOAH. Those are my donuts! Thanks for the love Joy! I hope you have a truly stellar weekend! I’m going to be sending vibes to Tyler Florence about you all weekend. I’m telepathically in your corner. We got this.

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