Let It Be Wednesday

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I’m back under sunny California skies this week, and I must say… the dry air is lovely and the burgers are fantastic! Also my hair is instantly flat, which kinda feels weird now.

I plan on living it up while in Cali.  Actually, I’m always trying to live it up.

This week I’m going to visit my favorite Los Angeles spots.

I’m going to eat as much In n Out as I can.  In six days I think I can make it there three times.  That shouldn’t be too out of line.

I’m going to have one of Zoe Nathan‘s doughnuts at Huckleberry because she seriously (most seriously) makes the best doughnuts in the entire city.

I’m going to have a Negroni and Eveleigh.  I’m going to have an ice cream at Sweet Rose Creamery, followed shortly thereafter by an ice cream at Scoops.

I’m going to need a French Dip Sandwich from Philippes, and a sunset view from the new Ace Hotel downtown.

Then definitely a trip to Soul Cycle.  And a nap.

I can fall right back into a Los Angeles routine.  If you’re ever visiting, I wrote all about some of the best spots around town here:  I Love You, Los Angeles.  It’s true.  I really do love it!

In other news, it’s Wednesday.  Another day in a regular ol’ life.  Right?  Here’s what is in my brain and on the Internet:

•  Oh Joy and Love, Taza have created a new app!  It’s called Pippit! It’s pretty rad!  It’s Instagram meets blog feeds meets shopping.  I can only imagine how much work and collaboration it took to put together!  Check it out.  I’m joythebaker (duh) if you want in on my action.

•  Exciting news!  I designed three sets of awesome, summer-inspired nail wraps with Scratch Nail Wraps and you can order a box now through their monthly manicure subscription! The box comes with the three sets of nail wraps from Joy the Baker, a bonus nail polish, and cocktail recipe card and a cute little bonus gift too!  I’ll give more peeks inside the box soon, but the nails above are part of the collection!

• There are a few things I simply can’t buy at the grocery store because I’ll eat the entire bag in one sitting, without fail, because I have noooo will power!  Those pink and white frosted animal crackers!?  Don’t even look at me!  They’re my favorite thing in the world and I absolutely can’t  buy them.  I’d now like to introduce you to Pink Frosted Animal Cracker shower wash!? So… would smelling like the cookies be heaven or torture?  And what are the chances I chug the bottle?

• Matias Antuiga celebrated his 40th birthday by running 40 marathons in 40 days.  I swear… I run a mile and I’VE HAD IT!  Can we talk about Pink Frosted Animal Crackers again?

Why You Hate Work.  Thank you New York Times.  The part about answering emails until you fall asleep was all too real.  Also… I don’t hate work, it’s just the emails that are such a beast.

•  Everyone is getting married and wearing flower crowns and all I want to do is eat this Mostly Veggie Baked Macaroni forever and ever.

If you need me today I’ll be dreaming up Strawberry Filled Doughnuts for us to make next week.  Also, I love you.  Happy Wednesday!

41 thoughts on “Let It Be Wednesday

  1. Pink frosted animal crackers…those accounted for a bit of thigh flesh in those college years. However, my first love are the iced version, not the frosted. I CAN NOT be trusted with those.

  2. Pippit sounds cool, but Sarah is right, it’s $1.99! You lucky duck, getting all your apps for free ;) Have a great week, Joy.

  3. I’m already a Scratch subscriber, so I’m so pumped to get your set next month! And I can’t even think about that pink frosted animal cracker body wash. what. have so much fun in la!

  4. 3 In N Out trips is 6 days is totally doable! I went twice in just a little over 3 days on my last visit ;)

  5. Love your nails in the pic where your eating the burger and lovely fries. It’s close to six in the morning and as I sip a cup of tea I can imagine myself munching on a strawberry filled doughnut. Wishing I was there but I can dream and while I read your post I am. Have a great time in L.A. Paulette

  6. This made me smile. You sound so excited to be back in LA.. All the places you listed remind me why I love it so much. Have fun!

  7. A great way to start my Wednesday! I’m only semi jealous of u as I head off to work at 5 am… have fun for the both of us, Joy!!

  8. Enjoy Los Angeles, and I’m jealous that you’re back there.

    And okay. My last week, I have a confession. I managed 4 In-N-Out’s in that time..!

  9. Pippit costs $1.99 to add and there will be an annual subscription fee. They said they wanna keep it ad free.

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