Sunset Happy Hour Cocktails

sunset cocktail trio

sunset cocktail trio

I knew New Orleans would feel different from my little beach bungalow in Venice, California.  That’s why you move across the country, right?

I knew the air would be thicker in New Orleans,  I figured the walls would be older, the people more talkative, the fried chicken more readily devoured.  The Mississippi is much more brown than the dull grey/green tones of the Pacific Ocean.  The cobble stone streets in my neighborhood are like a vortex you can fall into if you’re not diligent… like quicksand.  It’s different from the sandy beach and paved bike paths of California.

I sometimes feel like I’m underwater, without the water.  Does that make sense? It must have something to do with the fact that I’m hanging out below sea level.  It’s a real feeling.

Louisiana sunset


The sunsets though… the sunsets in Louisiana have a really familiar quality.  They have the same dusty pink, brilliant orange, and stunning blue.  It feels very similar to the sunsets     I’d watch sitting in the sand in California.

Lately I’ve wanted my cocktails to match my sunset.  It’s my little way of creating a Pinterest-worthy moment  (just a moment) out of my day.. when the brilliant orange of my cocktail resembles the brilliant orange of the setting sun.  That moment of synergy feels really good.

As the days get warmer I find myself wanting to drink ALL the drinks.  It’s so hot and humid, I’m a bottomless pit of fresh juice.

We’ve talked about Juicing here before, but I totally understand that not all of us have the space, funds, or desire to have a fancy juicer in our kitchen cupboards.  It felt like a definite splurge item to me in terms of both funds and space.  I get it.

I keep a few Evolution Fresh Juices on hand because Evolution Fresh does all of the hard work of cold-pressing for us! Their juices are fresh and bright and sooooo perfect sunset inspired cocktails!  No big fancy juicer required.

Carrot Orange Mango Tequila Sunset Cocktail

It’s not every day that we get to mix tequila with our carrot juice…. but it should be!

Don’t be scared.  Carrot juice is beautifully sweet and far less vegetable-y tasting than you might think.  When paired with bright orange and sweet mango, this juice feels perfectly tropical.  Tequila distinguishes this cocktail and a splash of sparkling water adds a lovely bubble.  I love these cocktails served in champagne flutes.  It sets the tone for a classy (but tequila-fun) sort of evening.

Carrot Orange  Mango Tequila Sunset

makes 2 cocktails

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2 ounces tequila

1 5.2 ounce bottle Evolution Fresh Carrot Orange Mango Juice

sparkling water to top off

Divide tequila into two champagne glasses.  Fill each glass 3/4 full with chilled Carrot Orange Mango Juice.  Top off with chilled sparkling water and serve immediately.  

Strawberry Blonde Lemonade / joy the baker

I have always loved a ton of citrus in my beer.  I don’t mind the funny looks from friends at the barbecue.  It’s cool!

This cocktail is light, fun, and feels pretty dang clever.

A glass is filled with loads of crushed ice, filled halfway with strawberry lemonade, and topped off with blonde beer.  The strawberry lemonade adds a tart sweetness and the beer adds a round bitterness.  It’s the perfect balance and not too boozy!  Such a great late afternoon sipper!

Strawberry Blonde Lemonade

makes 2 cocktails

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crushed ice

1 15.2-ounce bottle Evolution Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

1 bottle (or can) blonde beer

Fill two tall pint glasses with crushed ice.  Fill each glass half full with chilled Strawberry Lemonade.  Top each glass with blonde beer and enjoy immediately.  

ginger lime cucumber

If I’m in the mood for the sort of happy hour that requires salty almonds I’d reach for this Ginger Lime Cucumber Sparkler.  It’s sweet without being entirely overpowering.  The cucumber balances the sweetness of the limeade.  There’s also a hint of spice from ginger aaaannnd gin.  It feels clean and fresh.  Like hitting the reset button and settling in for a really great night.

Ginger Lime Cucumber Sparkler

makes 2 cocktails

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ice cubes

2 ounces gin

1 15.2-ounce bottle Evolution Fresh Ginger Limeade Juice

sparkling water to top off

thinly sliced cucumber for garnish.

Fill two rocks glasses with ice.  Divide the gin between the glasses.  Fill 3/4 full with Ginger Limeade Juice.  Top off with sparkling water and garnish with fresh cucumber slices.  Enjoy immediately.  


28 thoughts on “Sunset Happy Hour Cocktails

  1. It is hot and humid in Austin already, so any of these pretty cocktails would be refreshing! I will have to get some juice after work and make all three.

  2. I’ve never tried Evolution juices, they sound so good! Will have to pick some up next time I see them at Starbucks. Beautiful sunset pictures, Joy!

  3. We are thinking of ways to enjoy our new patio and this looks perfect! Those sound terrific and I don’t need a juicer! Even better.

  4. I am very interested in trying the ginger, lime one! The colours have just made me more jealous that I am in Winter and you in summery New Orleans. I am glad you still post recipe like this,never underestimate the power of good drink

  5. Nice post. Thank you for putting premade juice blends into consideration. I’ll look for Fresh Evolution lemon-ginger. Whole Foods? I know it’s a bit off topic, but what are those super cool backgrounds? Actual watercolor or smudged in PhotoShop?

  6. That strawberry lemonade needs to be in my hand, STAT. For real… Looks heavenly.
    I grew up in the south and currently live in NYC. I miss it so much, especially the humidity, which I know sounds weird, but I find it so comforting. Plus, my skin was amazing there.

  7. All three look wonderful. I can see me now sitting in my lounge chair, cat on lap looking at the sun setting and having that sweet strawberry number. Thanks Joy

  8. Carrot Orange Mango Juice sounds like candy to me :) I’m doing a very green juice cleanse right now and that sounds like a sip of heaven. And all your cocktails look great. I need a few! And thanks for sharing how things are going for you in New Orleans!

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