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Let It Be Sunday

let it be sunday today

Hello, friends!  I hope you’re enjoying an extra long, extra summery weekend!  I’ve spent a few days living without air conditioning here in New Orleans and I’m happy to report that… it’s actually OK thanks most definitely to La Croix sparking water, Watermelon Sangria, and a steady diet of hot dogs.

I love these mid-summer days because it feels like we’re allowed to slow down, go on vacation, eat too many hot dogs, and go easy on the emails.  We’re  so far away from the mishmash-y stress of baking turkeys and holiday shopping, that this season… with its unruly temperatures and back sweat, is one of my very favorites.

I recently treated myself to the 90’s via a pair of Adidas Shell-Toe Sneakers.  I only coveted these shoes from afar in the actual 90’s, but I feel super confident wearing them now.  They’re the perfect classic-meets-sporty accompaniment to short skirts and sundresses.  Also, let it be known that when it comes to cookies I know exactly what I’m talking about, but when it comes to fashion… well, my instincts may not be as sharp.  Thankfully, HonestlyWTF tells me I’m not totally off my rocker.  Yay for fashions!

Here’s what else is on my mind and in my purse this week:

•  I have deep affection for the The French Laundry.  If you’re not familiar with The French Laundry, it’s a restaurant in Yountville, California (up near Napa) by Chef Thomas Keller.  I’ve been fortunate enough to eat there twice, take a tour through their garden and kitchen, and cook in their test kitchen.  The French Laundry is a food experience… which sounds like the worst thing I could possibly say if it weren’t actually true.  More than that… it’s the most exquisite display of hospitality, care, and attention to detail with food at its core.  It’s beyond.  These Lessons Learned From Working at the French Laundry from various chefs who have worked in The French Laundry kitchen feels like it feeds my heart.  It says more about Chef Keller and his staff than it does about how to… braise a lamb, or something.  It’s lovely.

•  On a scale of one to weird… how strange is it that I’m really into hand cream sunscreen.  This might have something to do with the fact that I used to be obsessed with the crazy veins on my grandmothers hands when I was a child.  I see signs of those veins in my own hands, and while I know that aging in awesome/horrible/inevitable… sunscreen helps, right?

•  I can’t be outside in New Orleans for more than an hour without one of these Ursa Major Face Wipes.  Also… now that my air conditioning is on the fritz, these have become a necessity indoors as well.

•  I love this super loose and super stripy blouse.

•  Kids these days!  They don’t know how to write in cursive and they don’t know how to date!  That… and other things old people say:  Why College Students Need A Class On Dating.  

•  Dooce went to South East Asia with The Exodus Road and reading through some of her journey (i.e.: this post, Independence) has been fascinating to me.   This post from Jaime of The Very Worst Missionary really struck me.  It’s about finding the right words to say when you’re in such an extreme, so very different situation.  It feels like everyday on the Internet is about trying to find the right words.  Sometimes those words are more important than others.

• Why am I completely fascinated my the Atomic Clock this week?  Lasers and cesium atoms.  You know the drill.

•  You Have As Many Hours In The Day As Beyonce… but do we, really?  The answer has a lot to do with laundry.  No, I Actually Don’t Have As Many Hours In The Day As Beyonce.

Have a wonderful Sunday!  Tomorrow we doughnut!

xo xo