Let It Be Sunday

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Hello and Happy Sunday!

This week has been loads of work, recipe testing, standing in front of the pantry eating chocolate chips out of the bag, and scrolling through everyone’s Summer vacations on Instagram.  I spent some quality time exploring New Orleans in search of my favorite bakeries.  It was the best (but I drank waaayyy too much coffee)!  The Black and White Cookie above is exactly why ManhattanJack might just be my favorite New Orleans bakery.  They honor the sweet tooth.  Mad respect.

Here’s what’s on my mind and on the Internet this week:

•  I know I talk about nail polish perhaps more often that I should, but this is the kind of lady-talk that really matters.  I Don’t Care If You Like It: Women are tired of being judged by the Esquire metric.  Yay-thanks…

•  My favorite show in the world is Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and this recent episode with Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the best.  Also, it’s really nice to know that  Jerry Seinfeld with get down with some food.  He’s so great.

•  Can Full-Time Bloggers Live Off Rainbows and Hugs?  An interesting perspective about blog monetization that also briefly touches on the idea that female bloggers are often chastised for profiting from their blogs where successful male bloggers are celebrated.  A little too real, right?  Ladies and their GOMI culture can be such a sad state, really.  

•  I love this quick question and answer situation with Yes Way Rose.  Clever, forever.

•  Sometimes I run out of food thoughts… often related to standing in front of the pantry eating chocolate chips and searching for inspiration.  This beautiful Summer Cherry and Amaranth Panzanella Salad is more inspiration than the blank stare / chocolate chip eating.  

•  I’m a month into working out with the Nike Training Club app.  It’s SO GREAT!

•  Let’s not forget Our Summer Reading List.  I’m on The Invention of Wings right now… so good!

•  I want to drink all of the Peach and White Wine Slushies.  Can we make a strawberry version with pink wine?  Yes way!

•  Fashion:  In the Fray.  I like the frayed demin!

•  This week a new West Elm store opened here in New Orleans.  In all of the hubbub I met Vanessa Holden, Creative Director of West Elm.  Her creative path and super down to earth vibes are really inspiring.  There’s a GREAT interview with  Vanessa Holden on The Everygirl!   Check out all of The Everygirl’s Career Features.  They’re business lady inspiring!

Have a lovely day!

Turn down for what?

xo Joy





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25 thoughts on “Let It Be Sunday

  1. Loving your Sunday posts :) I just wrote a page on my blog called “The Hours and the Dollars of Blogging” — I hope we can all chip away at the imbalance and contribute to an appreciation of what blogging on a different level involves. Sure, I wouldn’t necessarily monetize if I only posted when I felt like it and had a free site, but to create a great resource that is professionally run and regularly updated should be seen for what it is.

  2. Could you please not post links that lead to articles with a lot of profanity. I found a lot of problems with how it was expressed- it got ugly.

  3. Ah! I missed your summer reading list. I don’t know how I did, but I did. It looks great! My summer reading list consists of heading to the charity shop here and picking random books for 1euro each. So far, I’m 5/6 with a hit and even that one miss was a close one. I go in after I’ve finished my previous book and it’s a game of, “ooooh! What am I going to find today? Which one? Which one?”

    Thanks for the link to The Everygirl. Can’t wait to sit down and read through some of these interviews!

  4. I’m wondering if you’ve posted the cookie recipe for the cookie in the bottom right corner the photo?

  5. Oh I adore Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee also and The Invention Of Wings! Thanks fur such a fun post on Sunday…I look forward to it each week!

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