Oh Hey, Homefries!

Joy the Baker Podcast

Joy the Baker Podcast

What is HomeFries?

Not potatoes.  Not this time.

HomeFries is the podcasting site and all around fun space that I created a few years back with my partners Michael and Tracy.

A podcast, for those of you that may not be familiar, is like an independent Internet radio show.  If you work from home, or from an overly air-conditioned cubicle you can use podcasts to help you get through an otherwise quiet and/or chilly day.  They’re like watching your ‘stories’ but with your ears only.  You can find a few of my favorite podcasts here.

HomeFries has been around the block and back again and is now updated with a jaunty new design!  We made a new pretty home for one of the silliest projects I persist in: The Joy the Baker Podcast hosted by me (Joy the Baker, duh) and Tracy Shutterbean.  We’re notorious for discussing “totally important, unimportant things” which means we talk a lot about Instagram, hot dogs, girlfriend problems, and celebrity crushes.  We also occasionally talk about food and baking.  It’s a sorry/not sorry situation.  For always.  You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and be updated to all of the madness automatically.

HomeFries is also home to The Art of Simple Podcast about intentional living, family travel and many good things in between.  Aaaanndd The Table Set a podcast about entertaining… like, really cool entertaining from three dudes that really know how to throw and enjoy a party.

We’ve been making podcasts on Homefries for three years.  Three!  That’s a lot of recording of a lot of words.  In three years I’ve learned that recording a podcast with my best friend produces my truest (and probably silliest) self.  It’s impossible to censor myself when I just feel like I’m talking to a friend… that is both liberating and terrifying.  I’m eternally thankful for the many many of you who have embraced our podcasts!  You take us on road trips, take us on your morning walks, and clean the house to our conversations.  We’ve created a little community at HomeFries and we really love you.  Big time.  If you’re not in on this… come on over!

Some of my favorite episodes on HomeFries include:

Joy the Baker Podcast :  I AM The RA   

The Art of Simple Podcast :  Freedom From Stuff

The Table Set : Men vs. Food

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23 thoughts on “Oh Hey, Homefries!

  1. I love the new site! It looks super fab. I just started listening to the podcast this summer while I’m commuting and at the gym –sometimes I crack a huge smile when I am lifting weights, haha. I even asked you guys a question on episode #123! Once I catch up on ALL the JTB podcasts, I will definitely listen to the other Homefries podcasts! xo!

  2. I just want to say thanks, because your podcasts get me through some tough runs! Sometimes I wonder what the people think as I literally laugh out loud and have to stop! (This feeling is multiplied because I’m doing it in Spain, and I already stand out there.)

  3. The podcast is WONDERFUL, have listened since the beginning! Even though I am old enough (almost) to be your and Tracy’s mother, I totally enjoy “hanging out” with you ladies. Laughed hysterically at the middle age comments and agree with Michael that middle age is now mid 50’s.
    Thank you both for all you do-your blogs are amazing and I cook regularly from them both.

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