Let It Be Friday!

let it be friday!

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We’ve made it to Friday which means that hopefully there’s some sort of kicking off of our shoes in the very near future.  I’ve taken a quick trip back to Los Angeles this week where everyone is complaining about the humidity.  Really?  You ain’t got nothin’ on the Bayou, Los Angeles… nothin’.  In my travels from New Orleans to Los Angeles, I seem to have forgotten to pack the tiny little camera card that houses Friday’s recipe post photos.  Turns out I’m forgetful, and even a well thought out list can’t help me during packing.  Truth is, this week has been all sorts of enough and I’m feeling a little frayed at the edges.  There’s been so much madness happening in the world, I can feel some of the chaos trembling in my guts.  Does that happen to you, too?

This week’s Sunday list comes in a Friday edition.  The Internet, as it were:

 Come Out Of Your Shell.  Let’s all just stop being so dang shy.

 A Negroni is always appropriate!

•  Hopeful Perspectives 1 Year After My Son’s Birth/Death.  How is it that we’re all just stuff?  

 How often are you flying alone and find yourself bullied out of prime armrest positioning?  I think my armrest relinquishing is part subconscious and part polite.  Now I’ll think twice.  How to Maintain Control of the Shared Armrest.  Number 6 is ill-advised though probably very effective.

 We are all just Elaine Benes at heart.  Geeetttt ooouuutttt!

•  How A Mother Weaned Her Girl From Fairy Tales is one of the most surprising, bizarre, and beautiful books I’ve read this year.

•  Kapitalism with Kim Kardashian will freak you out.  Like totally freak you out.  On: celebrity, perplexing shades of nude, and the monetization of self.  It’s totally crazy!  Where are we going?  Is this a cry for help?

•  7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive… not including reading this blog.  Please keep reading this blog.

 What a refreshing (and terrifying) list:  Summer Must-Not Haves.  No one likes a relentless spooner.  SPACE, PLEASE!

•  I sometimes wonder how the best and the busiest have time to just THINK.  You know… think with new ideas, think of how to delegate, think of how to be as awesome as they appear to be.  Turns out they’re probably just avoiding introspection.  Aaahhh… now I get it.  No Time To Think from The New York Times.  Louis CK is not wrong, in fact he is too right.

•  It’s nice to remember that we’re still at the beginning of the Internet and that we have a lot of years ahead of us that will include things better than Pinterest and Twitter… but we might have to wear those fancy Google glasses and look silly for a minute.  You Are Not Too Late

•  I love the spirit behind the blog Yes and Yes.  Here’s How To Do 10 Things (at least slightly) Better!  Because why not be better!?  DANG!

I love you, bye bye!


28 thoughts on “Let It Be Friday!

  1. You were out here in LA? The humidity set off my fire alarm. Yes, that doesn’t make sense, but I had to bash it, to be quiet.
    Thanks for link to being more productive. I’ve never heard of medium.com.

  2. These articles are all super fascinating — I just spent the most interesting and enjoyable hour on the internet reading all of these than I have (ever?) in months at least. Thank you for so much for sharing!

  3. Thanks for introducing me to the “Yes and Yes” blog. I just spent an hour there and learned quite a few things that will help me!

  4. I’m SO an Elaine. And I’ve forgotten my computer charger on vacation once, so after 1 day I couldn’t do any work on it…and I’d lugged that darn thing all the way there! So frustrating.

  5. I love these ‘Let It Be…’ posts. You always have some of the most wonderful things and your little add ons to each link are perfect! Have a great weekend!

  6. I liked the shyness link….can relate but since moving to the good ol’ U.S I’ve defo layed it out more. Can I actually say that?? Happy Friday!

  7. I, too, am an Easy Giver-Upper when it comes to the armrest wars….. But I ‘love me a window seat’ because I can lean against the window and sleep… then they have have the whole damn armrest to themselves!! ; o )

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