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Let It Be Sunday

Let It Be Sunday

I made this chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream, chopped toffee, and sea salt…. and then I shrugged my shoulders.  It wasn’t very good…. a personal shame that I’m willing to share with you.  I actually think that making a bad chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream is a crime in some states.

I should have just eaten the toffee and skipped the cake.  I did, of course, eat all of the toffee off the top of this cake before placing it in the refrigerator to forget about until late next week.  I’m sorry.  I’m a work in progress.

I hope this finds you enjoying an extra mellow Sunday morning with perhaps more coffee than usual.  I curated some of the Internet for you.  It goes a little something like this:

•  Was this August really the worst month ever?  Social media studies can give us the answer.  The answer:  kinda yeah.    

•  This week I listened to a Fresh Air Podcast from earlier this summer:  Kidnapping Is a Lucrative Business for Al-Qaida, Documents Show with host Terry Gross and journalist Rukmini Callimachi.  It’s a testament to how important and how dangerous foreign reporting can be.  Really interesting.

•  Jon Stewart is back and THANK YOU!

• Have Twitter and YouTube become the editors of the information we receive?  The New Editors of the Internet.  

•  The Emmys were last week which means red carpet madness, juice cleanses, designer dresses, jewels for days and… what on earth is a mani-cam? Why we should ask women about more than their dang dresses! What are we even doing…. for real.

•  Louisiana… we’re Losing Ground and that’s a fact.  

•  Southern cuisine has its nuance and you best get it right.  I’m learning day by day.  The Real Reason Sugar Has No Place In Cornbread 

•  What would James Bond drink in New Orleans, from writer Sarah Baird and bartender Abigail Gullo.

•  I’m starting the book & Sons next week.  I’ve read as much as I could in the Amazon preview and I want more.  Classy, right?

•  From Grad School to Jail.  Too real?  Too real.

•  On a scale of 1 to totally weird, where are we on this Crystal Skull Shotglass ?

•  These Super Power Vegan Collard Wraps looks healthful and super delicious!  I definitely want to make my own version.  They’re the opposite of doughnuts and I love it.

•  Favorite recent podcast discovery:  Slate’s The Gist.  Informative and funny smart-talk.

Get all up in this day!

xo Joy