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New Orleans: ManhattanJack

Manhattan Jack New Orleans

I’m taking my time getting to know New Orleans.  There’s so much to learn about the food culture here.  Things like where you get your beignets, where your po’boy bread comes from, and who makes your King Cake all make a difference when it comes to New Orleans food staples.  So much pride and so much nuance.  It’s a really exciting place to explore food.

I talk about a few of my favorite New Orleans spots here, but I’d love to get down to the nitty-gritty of my experience of this glorious city.  First up:  ManhattanJack, a bakery that has quickly become my happy place.

I hope you come visit New Orleans, and I hope you eat all the things.

Best New Orleans Bakeries - ManhattanJack

I’ve made my way in and out of a hearty amount of New Orleans bakeries lately.  There’s the bakery I go to for a really good baguette, the bakery for the perfect croissant, the bakery for the best doughnut.  ManhattanJack is the go-to bakery for extra decadent, over-sized, home-style sweet treats.

Maybe the cookies are a tad too big (never a problem).  Maybe the brownies have a little too much caramel (not even possible).  Maybe the Black and White Cookies are the size of your face (and sooo!?).  Essentially it’s the bakery I want to call home sweet home.

Best New Orleans Bakeries - ManhattanJack

This is my happy place.  I demolished that Chocolate Dot Cookie in no time.

The Chocolate Dot Cookie is a thick, crisp, crunchy, sweet cookie.  It’s like a crumbly shortbread-type cookie with dark chocolate and sprinkle sides.  It’s just right.  The brownie is coated in caramel, fudgey chocolate, and candy pieces.  It’s 100% over the top.  So delicious and it’s totally normal that it took me three days to finish.  Thanks for helping me demolish all this goodness, Summer!

Best New Orleans Bakeries - ManhattanJack

I dream night and day of the perfect Black and White Cookie.  Soft and cake, topped with dark chocolate glaze and sweet vanilla glaze.  This is just right.

I also love the ManhattanJack is bright and airy.  Plenty of comfortable seating at a cozy table, couch, or common table.  It all feels modern, comfortable, and unpretentious.

Best New Orleans Bakeries - ManhattanJack

Heck yes there’s chocolate-dipped shortbread!  I love when food is graphic.

ManhattanJack also has a stellar savory menu with a really delicious Club Sandwich and breakfast sandwiches that are BEYOND perfect for a lazy weekend.

ManhattanJack is my spot for:  treats to take to a small dinner party / afternoon snack with tea cookie and my laptop / late Saturday brunch / the best Black and White Cookie in town.

4930 Prytania Street
Uptown New Orleans