the august giveaway

the august giveaway


OUR WINNER is CHRISTINE of The Belletrist

“you seem like someone who makes ordinary things seem extra ordinary”.  

Happy Friday, my friends!

It’s August and I’ve never been so hot.  I think my brain might be boiling. Is that normal for New Orleans?  Today we’re backing away from our stovetop and shunning the oven.  It’s time for an August Getaway… GIVEAWAY style!!

Here are a few of my recent favorites for you to pack up, snack on, primp up, doodle down, and read through.  I want you to have them!

GIVEAWAY! Booyakah!

1.  I’m the first person to tell you that you don’t need a dang blanket in the middle of August!  It is not chilly!  I can’t even remember the last time I was cold!  But I can remember the last time I needed a blanket to sit out for a Summer picnic! This West Elm Perfect Throw makes for a lovely picnic situation and transitions very well into the more cozy winter months.

2.  Meet the Everlane Weekender Bag!  It’s the perfect carry-on bag.  It’s the perfect bag to toss in the back seat of the car for a weekend road trip. Classic  stylings.  No frills.  Just right.  I love this bag!

3.  I want you to have my very favorite nail polish!  Super easy to apply, long wear, modern colors, lots of gloss and extra sass.  These Revlon Colorstay Gels are Summer weekend colors!

4.  Beach reading.  Mountain cabin reading.  Air-conditioned hotel reading.  I hope you get away, put down the Instagram, and read a good book on this Kindle Reader.  I’m reading The Invention of Wings.

5.  I’m an avid doodler.  Swirls, blocks, faces, flowers, and eyes are my go-to doodles.  Doodling helps us pay attention!  Doodle in style in this classic Moleskine.

6.  Lips to match our nails. I mean… why not get-away with a little flair?  Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain.

7.  Pens for our doodle!  I love these colorful felt tip pens!  They’re like grown-up markers.  Totally acceptable for scribbles, doodles, notes, and writing boss-lady checks.

8.  Snacks!  Forever with the snacks!  These barkTHINS satisfy all cravings.  They’re thin chocolate bites packed with almond, coconut, pretzels, or little bits of peppermint.  Chocolate, sweet, crunch, and salt!  I’m sooooo into these!  Of course you’ll have to eat them fast enough so they don’t melt, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

9.  ALOHA!!!  These super supreme green juice powder packs are an amazing way to jumpstart a drowsy morning.  I mix mine into a glass of orange juice and I’ve got some pep in my step!

10.  There’s nothing wrong with being prepared just in case getaways go awry.  These UrgentRx medicine packs are incredible because they’re flat packs of fruit flavored powder medicine.  No water required.  I have a few of these in my purse for emergencies.  Super helpful!

11.  Always be ready for wine.  Always!  This Bottle Stock painted corkscrew and leather pouch is perfect to throw in your new weekend bag.  Open your wine in style!  If you can’t wait for your pretty corkscrew and pouch, snag it now for 15% off!  Discount code: WINEJOY.  Offer good until Sunday August 10th.

To Enter:

This is an old-school blog giveaway.  I’m not trying to trick you into following me on Twitter or liking me on Facebook.  You can if you’d like… but it’s no biggie.  I simply want you to have these rad things because it’s August and if I melt before September, I want you to think of me fondly.

Leave a comment on this post sharing the best compliment you have ever received.  Then… think about how great that compliment made you feel and go out into the world and compliment a stranger!  “I like your hair today!”  “You have a really pretty smile!” “I feel like you really went the extra mile for me and I appreciate it!”  Pass the good onward and outward.  It feels great!

>> One comment per person.  Be cool.

>> Contest open to one and all, wherever you may live.

>> Comments close Sunday August 10, 2014 at 8pm cst.

>> Winner will be chosen randomly and announced above on Monday August 11th.

I love you, byeeeee!

3,279 thoughts on “The August GIVEAWAY

  1. When I was younger, and quite unsure of myself, I’d gotten a new haircut and was wearing a gorgeous backless top out to a fancy bar. These two fantastic older gay men came up to me as I was ordering a drink and said ‘darling, we just want you to know that we love your outfit, you are just the cutest thing here’. Every girl needs to start a night out with a compliment like that!

  2. Best compliment I’ve gotten would have to be that I was an angel. (if you knew me you’d laugh because I’m a vulgar mess haha) buuuuut, I was working at a retail clothing store at the time, and a girl who happened to be deaf came in and sadly, and quite unfortunately, I did not know sign language but I smiled brightly, calmed her down, (the poor darling was almost in tears) spoke slowly so she could read my lips and had her choose a fun marker for her to write with so she could explain what she needed and what the event was. It was for her school’s dance, and I went by her personality and found a beautiful dress that she absolutely loved! She was so excited she hugged me and kept thanking me. She was seriously so adorable it was beyond words. Her mother ended up coming into the store the next day and sought me out to immediately give me a big hug and told me that her daughter had went to dozens of stores and NO ONE would be patient and work with her because she was deaf, (those people totally suck) and ended up feeling defeated and awful about herself. When she got home with her new dress, she ran into her room, put it on and surprised her mom! It made them both cry because she felt beautiful in her dress and it radiated off of her. Her lovely mother held my hands and told me I was an angel, and I brought joy into their lives with a small act of kindness. Just goes to show you we ALL have opportunities to make an impact on someone’s life regardless of the act. I’ll never forget those two lovely ladies, and I honestly believe I was given a wonderful gift to be able to put a smile on their beautiful faces and be a tiny part in a moment in their lives. And with that, thank you for the opportunity to share my little story and you’re awesome for encouraging random acts of kindness as I find those make a much bigger impact than we’ll ever know. Cheers!

  3. Someone asked me where I bought my dress – and I had made it. It made my day! Such a lovely giveaway to enjoy in the last month of hot weather here in the UK =)

  4. When I was 9, my dad chaperoned my class field trip to Busch Gardens. He and I were waiting in line for a ride and an older girl (who seemed SO COOL to a 4th-grader) turned around and told my dad, “You have the prettiest daughter.” This compliment was given 15 years ago and I still remember it. Now, as an adult, I always make a point to compliment random little girls’ parents on how pretty or stylish or smart they are (so that their daughter overhears, of course).

  5. My friend from school once said that dark circles under my eyes match my brown eyes very harmonious. I found it actually poetic. I still consider this one as the best compliment I’ve ever heard to myself, because it’s weird but nice and I liked that.

  6. Probably when my boss told me they’d all passed around my cover letter (which I thought was pretty standard) when I applied, because it was so well-written!

  7. I love this idea for your giveaway :) one of the best compliments I’ve eve received was from someone who “knew I was from the Midwest because people from there are just the nicest coolest people!” :)

  8. I’ve never entered a giveaway before!, but I like to tell about this one compliment :), which was, I guess, a little backhanded. This friend of a friend I had just met told me, “I didn’t think you were especially pretty at first, but after a while that you’d been talking, I realized how gorgeous you were.”

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. The best compliment I’ve ever had has to be my business partner telling me he would never have been able to put on our event without my hard work

  10. I once had serious post haircut regret after cutting my long hair into a bob until my guy flatmate walk past my room and said “wow new hair. Looks really good”. Stopped me feeling the need to paper bag my head. Still makes me smile 4 years later.

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