Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday

big blue ocean

Hello my friends!

If you follow me on Instagram you might know that I’ve been in the ocean for the past week, on a cruise ship, eating all the things and swimming in Caribbean waters.  Torture, I know.  If you saw a picture of me on the beach last Wednesday while you were layered in scarves and gloves please, accept my sincere apologies.  Vacationing and Instagraming is just rude.   Now I’ve got two feet standing firmly on the ground and I’m wearing a scarf.  All’s fair. 

Here’s what’s been on my mind and in the world this week. I hope you are healthy and happy, with your eye on the prize.  

•  Things to think about:  Could the Paris terror attacks have happened at The Onion?  

•  Human activity has pushed Earth beyond four of nine ‘planetary boundaries’.  We have a problem.    

•  To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This 

•  Two dudes spent 19 days to climb the 3,000 of the Dawn Wall in Yosemite.  Bare hands and rubber-soled shoes:  The Climb.

•  A Meditation on Pain.

•  Sure, sure, sure…. your ex-girlfriend is an assassin.  

•  How occasionally skipping meals may increase your health.   Does this mean we can stop obsessing over juice cleanses now?  Yes.  

•  Inside The World’s Most Advanced Coffee Laboratory.

•  Last week’s episode of This American Life is fantastic:  Batman. A blind man can see.  Think about it. 

•  NY Mag’s What It’s Like series.  Wow.  

I love you!  Happy day to us.