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Let It Be Sunday

Let It Be Sunday

I was having one of those days where I was certain that everyone in the world around me was mostly thoughtless, unkind, and out to drive reeeeaallly slowly, and ruin my day.  Turns out, if you feel like every single person around you is a dolt, it’s time to look within, get yourself a snack, and simmer all the way down.  It’s not them; it’s you… or in my specific case, me.  The cure to my crunchy day was a cup of coffee, a breakfast sandwich, and a stop to look at the beautiful blooming Magnolia trees.  

I need to call my mom and say hello.  It’s been too long and she’s probably getting worried.  She’s also probably reading this…  I’ll call you, Mom! 

Here’s what the Internet wants us to know this week:  it’s cold so we’re moving to Mars.   

•  What the heck is going on in Boston!? Boston’s Winter From Hell.  Would it help if we sent them all of our sunshine and space heaters? 

•  My Own Life:  Oliver Sacks On Learning He Has Terminal Cancer.  “I feel a sudden clear focus and perspective. There is no time for anything inessential.”

•  One Way Ticket To Mars.  No, please. 

•  Life lessons from The Kitchn.  We know this to be true, but we need a reminder:  Five Times To Say “No Thank You” and Three Things To Do When You Hear It.  

•  Hey, you guys!  Eggs Are Back (along with a list of new dietary guidelines)!  Get excited.  We’re all about whole foods and egg yolks.  Full disclosure:  I read this article while eating boxed mac and cheese, straight from the pot, at 12:21am.  I’M DOING IT RIGHT.  Stay tuned for Joy the Baker dietary guidelines.  Coming soon.

•  Let your brain soak up these election-style Oscar predictions.

•  Shopping while hungry, beware!  “Findings suggest that hunger creates an acquisitive mindset that encourages people to get more stuff in general—no matter if it is offered for free or carrying a price tag.” Hungry Makes You Buy More Stuff, Even If It’s Not Food.  

•  Quick note:  Humans can only distinguish between about 30 shades of gray.    

•  Gray vs Grey

•  Excuse me while I eat 100% of this Taco Salad.  

•  Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips.  Don’t be mad at it.  

I love you.  Happy Sunday!