My Six Favorite Summer Drinks

Summer Sippin'

We can’t let these gorgeously warm, mostly steamy, sunshine-y days go by without sitting on our stoops, waving away lazy mosquitos, and enjoying an ice cold, condensation-sweaty glass of something cold.  A little something something… with a splash of bourbon or without… let’s keep our glasses full and our company constant.  

1  •  Here’s what happens when a carving for Peach Cobbler intersects with a thirst for lemonade:  Peach and Cardamom Lemonade.  Sweet, refreshing, and a splash of bourbon never hurt anyone.  Related:  here’s what happens when a craving for Peach Cobbler intersects with a constant desire for Cinnamon Rolls:  Peach Cobbler Cinnamon Rolls

2  •  Lime and mint are usually the stars of a mojito, but there’s still plenty of room for fresh kiwi.  I’m thinking of remaking these with both strawberry and kiwi to relive my 90’s Snapple addiction.  Kiwi Mint Mojitos

3  •  This Strawberry Watermelon Sangria makes me wide-eyed and happy.  It’s a punch for many made with fresh watermelon juice, juicy ripe strawberries, and pink wine.  Make a ton and call every friend in a 10 mile radius.  Gulp and enjoy.  This punch disappears quickly.  

4  •  Even with the best of intentions, I’ve been known to forget a pint of fresh blueberries in the back of the refrigerator.  Thankfully, blueberries are resilient and forgiving and easily blended into a way refreshing lemonade concoction:  Fresh Blueberry Mint Lemonade

5  •  How can I get my hair the color of this Beet Lemonade?  Just a touch of beet with both sweeten and tint this tangy lemonade.  It’s a party trick.  Extra delicious. 

6  •  Think of this Lavender Lemon Tom Collins as a sparkling lemonade with herbaceous gin and lovely lavender.  Feminine, satisfying and fun! 

Happy Sipping!