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Let It Be Sunday!

Let It Be Sunday!

I used to be super intimidated by New York City.  I thought it was the kind of place where everyone knew exactly where they were going and what they were doing.  It’s probably because they walk so fast… and avoid eye contact so well.  I thought New York City was a place where every woman walked down the street in high-fashion heels (how!?) with expensive purses headed to martini lunches.  I suppose New York is some of that, but it’s also a regular place where lots of people have no idea what they’re doing, they’re walking around in flats, and clutching their iPhones with their maps opened just like me.  And then there are these almost quiet moments on 28th between Broadway and 6th where I’m like… look at this magical life!  God bless it.  

Suffice it to say… I was in New York this week.  New York and Philadelphia and now back in New Orleans.  I can’t sit still this year.  I haven’t found a good reason to.

I hope you have cookies with your coffee this Sunday morning.  Here is some of the week, according to the Internet: 

So many guns in our country.  So many.  The toll of gun violence is constant. 

•  A man who recorded every detail of his life for five years has the ultimate way to live in the moment.  A very serious dude diary.  

•  Ina Garten Does It Herself.  She’s good.  Very very good. Thank you for the link, Toby!  I miss you and your sweet face.  

•  How Birth Season Affects Personality.  I’ve been known to have a mood or two.  

Photographs of David Letterman and his new I’m-Not-The-Host-Of-An-Iconic-Late-Night-Television-Show-Beard emerged this week. All Hail the Achievement Beard!  What’s the equivalent for successful, retired women?  We stop shaving our legs?  I dunno. 

•  Speaking of New York, have you heard of this cocktail?  The New York Sour?  I’ll take at least one.  

•  Nihilistic Password Security Questions.  Answers we can actually remember?

•  A poem:  Runaway Runt  “When do people stop running?” You ask / Well easy, / When they can no longer last.  

•  Trust in the you of now.  Lani knows. 

•  Whitney put fancy wine stylings on blast.  Thank goodness.  Putting Ice In Your Wine.  Number 7 exactly.   

•  I love that so many of you are joining me for Baking Bootcamp and making the Chocolate Hazelnut Rolls.  Our next recipe is a sourdough base using this:  Sourdough Starter.  I’ve got it in my fridge now.  We’ve got good things to bake! 

•  I wasn’t a fan of Halloween baked goods until I laid eyes on these Death By Chocolate Donuts.  

 This week I’m baking from The Year of Cozy.  Such a lovely, nesty, settling book.  

•  A wardrobe cleanse.  This is a cleanse in our closet which still means, if I understand this correctly, that we can still eat donuts. 

I hope your day has a nap in it.  

You’re worth it.  So am I.

xo Joy