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Let It Be Monday!

Let It Be Monday

Hello friends! I’m tardy in sharing with my favorite post of the week with you.  Some days are hard to get a hold of.  I thought sharing these gems with you on a Monday would provide you with a sometimes necessary procrastination tool.  

I’ve got fresh cranberries in my refrigerator, an empty suitcase that gets to be packed, and some very fine recipes coming up this week.  

It’s been a foggy week with sadness and light.  Here’s what the Internet has to say about it: 

•  We can be so cruel to one another.   Photographs from the day after attacks in central Paris, and words from last week’s deadly attack in Beirut.  

•  ISIS claimed responsibility for both of last week’s attacks.  I linked to this a few months back, but again… What ISIS Really Wants.  

•  Inspiration.  Amazing youth:  Ashima’s Most Daring Climb.  The Mozart of rock climbing… and she’s 14 years old.  At 14 years old I was doing nothing other than trying to tame my frizzy bangs so.  The Mozart of frizzy bangs?  Not a thing. 

•  Pope Francis doesn’t mind having his picture taken and his life is pretty unique.  This gallery is incredible.  

•  People who live alone have really terrible diets.  Olivia Pope and I resent that (as we enjoy our popcorn and red wine dinner). 

•  To make and drink:  Maple Spiced Almond Milk with a hint of Pumpkin.  

•  Why Writers Love To Run.  I understand the measured breath and metered stride.  I’m working on an article about why bakers love to eat potato chips.  

•  Secrets of a Firefighter.  Full moon craziness is a real thing! 

•  Snooki is done being Snooki and it turns out she’s a business woman and mother on her j.o.b. 

•  Young Women Are Living With Mom and Dad as if it’s the 1940’s.  My parents’ allowance rates haven’t risen since 1999, and the chores are something fierce, so I’m grown and live on my own.

•  Did you know that you can pay a service to break up with your boo for you?  We’re absolutely ridiculous.  

23 Kitchen Hacks You Have To Learn.  I like the milk frothing trick and wonder if my almond milk will cooperate.  

•  Dinner:  One-Pot French Onion Pasta

•  Brainstorming cat-shaped holiday gifts this year.  Join me.  There will be cookies.  

Have a good day.  It’s Monday with a Sunday state of mind.

xo Joy