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Let It Be Sunday!

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello my friends!  How has your internal dialogue been this week?  All positive?  All complimentary?  All like, you-can-do-it?  Maybe yes.  Maybe mostly.  Maybe nooooo.

It’s cool.  I’m here to tell you something.  You’re great.  Do the very dang best you can do… then try to do just a bit better than that.  There… as long as you’re doing that, that internal voice that might occasionally tell you that you’re not allowed or not enough… that voice is a jerk.  And you know it’s a jerk because you know you’re doing your very best, and then some.  


Let’s talk about what happened on the Internet this week.  A lighter list because we need it:  

•  That voice inside my head that says I’m a baking fraud, a trifling blogging faker, a creative overachiever, undeserving nuisance… that voice has a name.  Learning To Deal With the Imposter Syndrome

•  Inside the world of for-profit snuggling.  I am WAY to specific about how close my body gets to other people’s bodies… there’s just now way.  No way ever. 

•  The most Instagrammed spot in every state. Bourbon Street, et al.  

•  I found this lyrical and poignant, even in my very-not-pregnant state:  The last days of pregnancy.  

•  I mean… this can’t be the answer, right?  I Hired a Millennial Life Coach

•  I’m not going to sit here and boss you about what appears on your Thanksgiving table, but I will say… if you don’t make Dad’s Sweet Potato Pie not really having Thanksgiving at all.  How’s that for passive aggressive?

•  Vogue Says:  Starve Yourself Now, Don’t Wait Until January. Solid Thanksgiving advice, right? 

•  Men Eat Nearly Twice As Much Pizza When They’re Eating With Women, which is the title of an actual article, which you don’t really even need to click through to now.  Let me tell you what it really is, Women Eat Half As Much Pizza As They’d Really Like When Eating With Men.  I mean… perspective, people. 

 My friend Heather Christo has a new line of allergy-aware baked goods at Costco!  Heathermade

•  I’m trying to think about cohesive holiday gifting this year.  Everyone is getting 90’s flannels and burgundy lipstick and Nirvana cds.  We’re taking it back.  

Good day to you and yours.  

xo Joy

Hats above from Goorin Bros.  Winter hat shopping on point.