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Let It Be Sunday

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello and happy Sunday to you and yours!  We’ve made it through January which means we’re officially on the 2016 train and there’s no stopping us now.  This week I’ve been working hard on Brunch cookbook photos with Jon.  It’s my third book and it’s written, getting all sorts of editing fixes, and Jon and I are making pancakes, waffles, and scones in photographing the book.  Spring 2017, the Brunch book release date, will be here before we know it… but can we please go slow?

I hope your week was solid and productive and you’re using this day read, rest and recharge. 

This is the world according to the Internet: 

•  Op-Ed from our President:  Why We Should Rethink Solitary Confinement

 You Don’t Need More Free Time you need more coordination (and more free time… right?). 

•  Do you remember this day?  I remember this day.  An Oral History of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster, a more full perspective. 

•  This video from the spiritual side of Oprah is intense, maybe even a little overwhelming but there are some real gems in here about who we are and our tendencies to fight against our fullest selves:  The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships.

  More reasons to really really really hate mosquitos.  Besides the fact that they’re a nuisance, they’re also trying to give us gnarly viruses.  

 Revisiting the archives of street photography’s poetic pioneer.  Mark Cohen photographed the same 5 square miles for 55 years.  His work is simple and tremendous.  

•  So the Mast Brothers re-melt chocolate and claim to be the best chocolate in the world and write a really unreliable cookbook and now we don’t know what to do with ourselves?  We’ll be just fine.  Let’s not stress it.  The Way Forward For Hipster Food

 The Insanely Complicated logistics of cage-free eggs.  Get a barn and bribe somebody?  Not as easy as that.  

•  This is a very pretty way to drink green:  Sea Green Smoothies

•  Speaking of the sea.  Let it take your breath away (literally not literally):  Surfing 80 foot waves in Hawaii.  

•  Keeping Up With Dr. Miami  Meet the plastic surgeon who Snapchats waaaaayyyy too many things. Excuse me while I go hide under a rock.  

 This Japanese video celebrates the simple genius of binder clips.  We thank you.  

 This is our new charm bracelet! It’s cute. 

Have a beautiful day!

xo Joy