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Let It Be Sunday!

Let It Be Sunday!

So there’s this huge pothole in front of my house… and no this isn’t the start to a dad-joke or dirty-joke… there’s actually a pothole.  I’ve reported it to the city, they’ve smiled and nodded, and now it’s my turn to decide if I maybe somehow fill the pothole myself (someway somehow) before my car sinks into it never to be seen again, or… not?  If you’ve ever seen a New Orleans pothole you know that I’m talking about a hole in the street the size of the Grand Canyon and not just a bump in the road.  

In other very important and very pressing news, I’ve learned this week that if people find you annoying or bossy on a deserted island, they will do anything they can to be away from you…. namely, vote you off the island… and yes, I’m talking about Survivor because I still can’t stop watching it.  

I hope you’re looking forward to a focused and productive week.  The best way to do that is to let Sunday be easy and breezy, and to ease into Monday with an extra cup of coffee and a give-a-crap, but-not-too-much-of-a-crap attitude + doughnut.

Here’s some things to think about:  

 Why Luck Matters More Than You Might Think:  when people see themselves as ‘self-made’ they tend to be less generous.  Pure luck and good fortune takes away that extra sparkle from the success story, but good grief it’s in there!  May the fortunes smile down upon us all.  

 How our politicians and media are helping terrorists win.  Creating power where there is none.  This is an interesting read.  

•  If you don’t pay attention to basketball, you still might be interested to know that Steph Curry is a unicorn and the best thing since Michael Jordan. 

•  The branded fashion of the ‘farm to table’ restaurant and some truths about what we’re eating.  Farm to Fable.  See that pun?  It’s a longread and worth it.  

 Your Healthy Lifestyle Won’t Necessarily Make You Healthier which is precisely why I’m stuffing my face with candy right now.  

•  I’ve ordered my pair of flattering lady chef pants and I want you to know about them too.  Polka Pants!

•  Old but worth a revisit:  The Moral Bucket List.  What are we working towards?  Resume virtues or eulogy virtues?  

•  Weekend Read: Renting hell in New York City, how my hoarder landlord ruined my life.  A two-part deal with the devil.  Would you rent a 2400 sq ft Brooklyn apartment for $1000?  It’s the stuff of legends and horror stories.  

•  Do you get Sift Magazine by King Arthur Flour?  It’s fantastic.  

•  Related / not related:  Ruth from King Arthur Flour told me about this article about the people who blur out the naked bits in our reality television.  The Lord’s work.  For Staff on ‘Naked and Afraid’ Work Is Just a Blur

•  I’m tremendously excited about this upcoming kitchen book by Julia Turshen. Small Victories is worth a pre-order. 

•  I do love a good pencil.  Lucky for me they’re coming back in to style.  (Wait… what?)  Turning a Profit Selling Pencils.  Right on with it.  

 Brown Butter Baked Pistachio Donuts because they’re absolutely delicious and very pretty and I’m sorry to make you buy another baking pan.  

•  Knowing nothing about fashion, it seems like things this Spring are very off-the-shoulder.  I’m still wearing shirts like this.

I hope your Sunday is fine and good.  I’ve got Strawberry Crumble in our future!

xo Joy