Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday!

Let It Be Sunday!

It’s like… you know leftover mashed potatoes are better re-heated, but still somehow you scoop them out of the refrigerator with a spoon (or your fingers).  The leftover sweet potato pie just needs hot coffee, and if you’re feeling a fancy, a plate.  Turkey is better cold, with mustard.  Wait, there’s still coconut cake left!? There goes the neighborhood.

The refrigerator is a veritable extravaganza for the next few days.  

Here’s where we are with the Internet. I’ve included some links that I can stand and left out some links and news that I’m still processing.  Ok? Ok.

•  I spend a lot of time talking to myself… I’m sure you do too.  Sometimes I even forget that I’m talking to myself.  This article is absolutely fascinating.  The way we talk to ourselves in our head isn’t bound by verbal speech, single perspectives, or you know… lip movement.  The Running Conversation In Your Head

•  Resilient past heartbreak. Orlando: the day after

•  I’m generally pretty aggressively dismissive of these sorts of list, but this list gathering of photographs from TIME caught my attention.  100 most influential photos of all time. This is who we are. We’re horrible and nasty and beautiful and full of fight. 

 Can hypothermia save gunshot victims?  I hope so. 

•  Statement of fact: Dan Rather is an American treasure.

 The Moon Juice Gospel of Self.  The truth is, we’re all slightly to mostly insufferable. And with that… I’ll please have a small jar of Brain Dust, thank you. 

 Our girl, ELLEN of Hedley & Bennett is a boss everyday.  I love her.  

•  If my cat were a normal cat, not obsessed with popcorn… I would make this lovely holiday garland:  Bay Popcorn and Cranberry Strings 

•  Would now be a good time to daydream about fancy springtime cooking vacations?  Life goals:  Four European Hotels With Immersive Cooking Classes

•  I like the idea of matchy, not-too-matchy napkins (and if you’re working on your holiday cards, I’d say Minted is the place to be!).

•  I bought my first bottle of egg nog weeks ago, but now it’s finally time, it is!  Egg Nog Rice Pudding

•  A fantastic podcast inspired by my favorite food magazine:  Radio Cherry Bombe.  I chat with Kerry Diamond about Friendsgiving and Cookbook Club on the latest episode! 

•  Adding a festive element to my week by taking a wreath making class in New Orleans on Tuesday!  Use code SHOPSMALL for 10% off the class.

•  And suddenly we can’t figure out how we’ve lived so long without a trophy jacket. We’re mostly fine, but the jacket would probably make us better.

I hope you’ve had a restful and deeply happy Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  When I think of all the things I’m thankful for, you are among the top on my list. You, absolutely.  Thank you for being here and sharing this space with me.  

Enjoy this day!

xo Joy