Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 122!

Mostly what I want to do right now is complain about the weather and how hungry I am.  I’m going to keep myself from such trivialities except to say that it’s been VERY HOT and VERY RAINY for the past week straight and well, I’ve forgotten to make myself dinner because… sometimes you just need another adult around to be like HEY! GET YOU LIFE TOGETHER.  Ok… so at least you know where I’m coming from.  

Another truth is that I’m watching The Keepers and I think this feeling I have is actual paralysis because this show is so deeply hard and messed up and honestly really messed up. 

After dinner update:  Do not watch 4 hours of The Keepers alone in your home.  It’s too much.  Some things are just too much.

Here’s some of our week. Some things are left out because, just because. You know what’s going on. The world is melting around us and we really need to be committed to figuring it out because the dude at the top is a stone cold maniac. 

•  We’ve really got to keep an eye on ourselves. It’s actually very easy to slip into REALLY JUST THE WORST PERSON TERRITORY.  Let’s keep an eye on each other:  30 Most Disappointing Under 30. #ManicureMonday

•  WOW, so wait… if you were raised in the United States during the 1980’s and 90’s, your very high opinion of yourself has to do with California state legislator John Vasconcellos.    How the Self-Esteem Craze Took Over America.  Here’s what you should know: there was a task force / this study also involves Koosh balls (remember those things!?), and the demonization of red pens.  Thank goodness I have a healthy medium-low to low self-esteem. Really dodged that millennial bullet. #veryhumblebrag / #lowselfesteembrag

•  At Home with John John Florence–  he’s one of the world’s best surfers and you know what I did after reading about seven sentences of this article? I googled videos of this sweet baby angel being, apparently, part dolphin in the ocean. Conclusion, it’s amazing, you gotta watch

•  My favorite tree of all. It blooms in Spring in Los Angeles and dots the city with bright lavender flowers.  Luckily, Jacarandas are LA’s future.  Follow up: I wonder if one of these beauties would like to come live in my backyard in New Orleans. 

•  A very good idea for dinner: Creamed Spinach Pasta with sausage and pine nuts

 I just really like to know what people have in their bags. What White House Correspondents Pack.  These dudes are tech heavy, pretty boring, apparently don’t wear chapstick and I don’t know how they can live like that, honestly.

•  “He knows he has stepped off a cliff, pronounced himself king of the air, and is in freefall.”  The Lonliness of Donald Trump.  Without any sense of mindfulness, terribly frightened and puzzlingly insecure. It’s all so clear.  Thank you for sharing this, Katherine. 

•  Back on the kombucha train and I think it’s time I make my own.  This was on my Summer Bucket List a few years ago but it never came to fruition (see how I didn’t take accountability for my laziness there?).  Maybe this year is my bucha year. Also, The Kitchn shows us how to make our own scoby if you’ve for a free month to grow bacteria. 

•  Happy Birthday to us Geminis– the lowkey psychopaths of the zodiac. Listen, we are the human equivalent to soft and beautiful suede and we’re a nightmare to take care of but we’re the best and most beautiful nightmare and that’s just the way it goes. So say we all. Or at least, so say us Geminis. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for being the worst, and let you know that my rising sign is something tolerable like, Cancer.  

 Talk amongst yourselves, I’ll give you a topic:  Should white chefs sell burritos?   This article makes some good points about cultural appropriation.  I pray for a fair world, diverse, with compassion and understanding, and really all of the burritos we want. 

  I live in the city that guards its culture very closely. I’m an outsider often and folks sure will let me know.  Nevertheless, I’m gonna bean and rice on a Monday if I want to:  New Orleans Red Beans and Rice. Don’t care if I’m allowed. Spoiler alert: I’m not allowed, really.

 Everyone is wearing chic picnic-wear this season. 

•  I’m baking from the book Bread Toast Crumbs this week.  It’s Alexandra’s Kitchen’s bread book.  She bakes bread in bowls and I’m down.

 Lastly and VERY important:  “Jagged Little Pill” is getting the musical treatment and we all need to go. We’re going. That’s it. 

Happy day to you and yours.

xo Joy