Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 127!

Hello my friends!  

Welcome to the weekend!  

I spent a few days in Philadelphia last week (it’s been a minute since my last visit) and the city has exploded in overgrown green and off the shoulder dresses and just some very fine summer living.  Good on ya, Philly.  I thought seriously about bringing home some long hots (these are peppers) so I could make my own roast pork sandwiches in New Orleans.  What stopped me was feeling self-conscious with a bunch of peppers on a plane, but as I sit here, back in New Orleans distinctly without long hots, I see the error of my ways.  

This coming week I’m off to Los Angeles and Denver for some solid work and play times.  If you know a thing or two about Denver, I’d love your suggestions! 

Here’s some of the links that resonated with me this week.  I hope this finds you well and rested and ready to enjoy this beautiful day.  

•  This week’s long read is really worth the time and I’ll just leave it here for you. How The Death of a Muslim Recruit Revealed A Culture of Brutality in the Marines.  Life is a lot of grays. 

 A life; a home. This is a beautiful read: The Joy of Reading About Cooking. Also, have you ever had the language in your dreams change when you’re learning a new? Trippy.

•  Begin anew:  Chef Sean Brock puts down the bourbon

•  Do you listen to Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast? It’s very thoughtful, investigative stories you didn’t know you needed to know. 

•  Let us remember the neurotic hilarity that was Elaine Benes: 90’s Icon, amen. 

•  News that does not surprise us: Women In Tech Speak Frankly About Culture of Harassment 

•  The Chocolate Chip Cookies That Rewards Laziness by using cold butter.  High proportion of salt and flour and a curiously small amount of brown sugar but I’d give this a try! Twist our arms, right? Cookies! 

 A very satisfying recipe for Homemade Franks and Beans which, strangely enough, might be my favorite food. 

•  We’ve entered a strange place.  It’s overly rainbowed, or full of sprinkles, or somehow a doughnut and sushi, combined.  Photographed and filtered.  It’s Instagram Food and really, let’s all just know that we don’t have to do this. Real food is actually exciting enough (and tastes better). 

•  My maj Tracy is creating healthy eating habits (and likely it’s Instagram-worthy because vegetables are beautiful.)

  Not necessarily summer vibes but, here’s what I want to listen to on audiobook: No Country For Old Men

 I’ll tell you now that I’m a sucker for a summer night sweater dress

 I either love this romper or hate this romper. It’s really hard to tell and it’s really not the most important thing in the world. 

 Two things in my summer travel bag: this insulated Klean Kanteen because it keeps my water at the perfect chill-ish temperature and this loose cotton cocoon dress for breezy summer comfort. 

That’s all for today, yea? Enjoy the rest.

xo Joy