Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 128!

Hello friends! 

I hope this Sunday morning finds you happy and well.  I’ve been in Denver for the past few days where I’ve walked up a mountain with a new friend, eaten the best fried chicken sandwich (not hyperbolic) at Stoweaway, and visited the art museum and botanic gardens.  It’s been a very vacation-y type of vacation but I’ll tell you what… I must have acclimated really well to the below sea level swamps because this altitude has done a number on me.  And I know!  I’m not even that high up! 

Thank you for being here.  Thank you for reading these words and sharing your thoughts. Thank you for being as kind and generous as you are. You’ll also see below that I’m headed to Detroit and Columbus at the end of the month and if you’re in or near those cities, we have a chance to say hello and hug! 

Here we are: 

•  An iceberg the size of Delaware just broke away from Antartica and what’s weird is that we all keep acting like this isn’t happening because maybe it’s hard to know what to do? Well… truth is, it’s getting too hot and we’re distinctly destroying our beautiful world. 

 We’re extincting ourselves and each other: Earth’s sixth mass extinction event is underway. How’s that feel? Not good. I agree! 

 We’re still paying attention to healthcare, ok? Here’s a breakdown of who is in and who is out in the latest Senate healthcare bill

•  An old read from David Sedaris on Our Perfect Summer

•  Modern Love says, stop breaking up. Ok sounds easy and honestly, kinda risky. 

•  Don’t tell kids, but bedtime is a social construct and they still have to take a bath and put on their pajamas and get in the dang bed even if the sun is still out. Rules are rules I think because parents need wine and quiet. 

•  Here’s an abbreviated list of everything Anthony Bourdain hates.  Tony is a curmudgeon I love and understand and I feel like he and I would have similar sentiments on things like flip-flops and the Food Network and I would be very intimidated to eat sushi with him (not like I’d ever get an invitation). 

 I love this: Beautiful Interiors with New York’s discarded furniture. 

 Always down to try a new biscuit recipe:  King Arthur’s Baking Powder Biscuits.  How about today? 

 Welp. There goes the neighborhood: Korean BBQ Burritos at home. 

•  A good while ago I made Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes and not a summer goes by that I don’t think about it fondly! 

 I’ve got two book signing coming up if you’d like to come out and say hello!  

     I’ll be in Detroit, Michigan on Thursday July 27th at Pages around 6:30pm.  

     You can also see me in Columbus, Ohio on Monday August 7th at The Book Loft around 6:30pm. 

     Lastly I’ll be in Portland, Oregon again on Saturday September 16th at 2pm at Powell’s Books

•  Here’s a thing we’re doing apparently. It’s lipgloss with a flower in it that turns to a natural pink according to your ph balance.  

•  Here’s what’s in my summer travel bag to inspire creativity when I’m on the road: a polaroid mini camera with film, a set of travel water colors, these clever travel watercolor brushes, a watercolor notebook, and a few of my favorite pens.   

Enjoy today! Don’t melt. 

xo Joy