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Let It Be Sunday, 139!

Hello friends!  Welcome to another Sunday.  Good grief we’ve earned it.  

I hope this finds you happy and well, with a few minutes to click open some links to read today and through the week.  This marks the 139th installment of Let It Be Sunday posts!  While they’re my favorite to write, I’m thinking I’ll only keep a few editions up at a time… meaning that I’m going to go back and archive all of the past installments.  I don’t think you’ll mind too much, but if you’re someone that goes way back to read old editions of this post will you let me know?  

This past week I spent a few days in New York for work.  I stayed very near the water in Brooklyn and it was such a nice reminder that the pace of New York can be something other than totally mad-dash crazy.  It was a really lovely experience.

Like most every other, this week had its fair share of mind-numbing tweets (now longer, for our pleasure), uncertainty, and surprise.  Here’s one very light interpretation of light news, Fiona Apple, and hair bows.  

 This is important and we need to pay attention.  One Day In The Life of Battered Puerto Rico.  We’re all just people in the world and their tragedy is ours.  Here’s where we can help

 Our friend Colu went on a lovely trip and this is it:  A trip to Greenland

 Let’s read about loneliness:  Work and the Loneliness Epidemic.  We’ve got to help each other. 

 There’s a short documentary you have to watch on Netflix.  True crime meets Larry David: Long Shot.  

 A very thoughtful and comprehensive explanation of why women lose their shit sometimes – we do the emotional labor necessary to keep all of life sustained.  All of it.  Not even an exaggeration.  Women Aren’t Nags – We’re Just Fed Up

 Let’s please take a moment to recall that Fiona Apple had it right from jump-street.  Exhibit A:  Fast As You Can. Exhibit B: Fiona Apple’s MTV Award Speech.  

 It is time to make our own spice:  Pumpkin Pie Spice.  

 Podcast Talk!  I love reality television and love a podcast to talk to me about it.  It’s not even a guilty pleasure.  I’m just all the way in.  New to me podcasts:  Bitch Sesh (a lot of Kardashian and Housewives talk).  New to all of us: our girl Whitney A has new podcast called Reality Reality.

 I tried my first Rent the Runway this week in New York.  I had two dresses delivered to my hotel and returned from my hotel and I would say it was a great success!  I didn’t have to worry about wearing a tired-ass dress and I didn’t have to pack as much.  Now I’m curious about this Rent the Runway Unlimited.  Have any of you dipped a toe in the water? 

 Ladies, just read this real quick and think about who we are / where we are:  “What hath my conceit wrought but ruin as I sit naked and discomfited upon this most unclean privy.”  

 This is a really great 12 minute yoga flow.  Plus you get to hear the ocean in the background.  

 Filed under The Best Thing I Bought At LaGuardia Airport This Week is this chocolate: Blissfully Better Crunchy Quinoa Toffee Thins.  These gems were like a beacon in the night. 

 I feel like we could make big romantic bows like this for our necks and hair this Autumn: silk bow barrettes.  

Thank you for letting me keep it on the lighter side.  

My love to you this Sunday.

xo Joy