Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 148!

Hello friends!  It’s December 3rd and we’re off to the races! Or we’re in the races.  That’s more like it… It’s December 3rd and here we are barreling towards the end of the year.  

This time of year invariably has me taking stock of the things I’ve done in the last 11 months, in the last few weeks, in the last five minutes.  The highlights include: publishing my third cookbook this past spring, launching workshops at my space in New Orleans, and eating cold rice with my fingers out of the pot on the stove.  It’s a full life, ya know? 

I’m pushing my dreams out and up this coming year, but before all that… let’s get to Christmas.  

There is all sorts of news that I simply don’t have the bandwidth for as I write this on Saturday night, but here’s what I do have to offer you.  It’s pretty good.  I’m ok.  You’re ok.    

  If you are a person who has big scary dreams for the upcoming year, I want you to read this.  Big dreams don’t come true because of Instagram followings and unicorn magic, they come true because we dare, we persevere, and we do a million tiny things towards our goal.  A Story of a Big Dream and a Single, Small Step.  Repeat. 

  Ooohhh this perspective is very thoughtful:  The Friend Who Diagnoses Too Much.

  Here’s a perspective about how women-centric food trends are maligned and I’m just going to leave this right here and say that I want to be able to drink rosé without the side-eye that it now seems to inspire.  Women Aren’t Ruining Food. Also, let it be clear that I don’t actually care about the side-eye, but I’d prefer you it be done behind my back like we live in a civilized society, OK? 

  There is one big reason R Kelly’s career has thrived despite sexual misconduct allegations (for YEARS), and it has everything to do with the women he victimizes.  There is a reckoning, but it still only goes so far. 

•  Rolling Stone has a list of the 50 Best Albums of 2017 and the Margo Price album at number 16 really is spectacular:  All American Made. (I think Margo is such a lovely name.)

  I feel like they missed the one about FedEx drivers that have very aggressive door knocking skills. I had to ask my dude Francisco to ease up on the knock because he was giving me gray hairs with every out of the blue door pounding:  12 Secrets of FedEx Delivery Drivers

  I feel very strongly about this:  Egg Nog Rice Pudding. Two favorite things, combined.

  I highly recommend you watch the pilot episode of comedian Bridget Everett’s Love You More on Amazon.  It’s graphic, but honestly… so am I in my off time. 

•  Quick question:  can this dusty pink turtle neck dress be my holiday dress this year because it’s happening.  That was a questions that very quickly turned into a statement.

•  What to get the person who has everything:  Cat Bingo.

•  The House That Lars Built has loads of lovely holiday crafts.  I’m smitten with the simplicity of the Paper Magnolia Leaf Garland.

That is all for today my friends.

More soon!

xo Joy