Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 151!

It’s rolling into the very early hours of Christmas Eve on the west coast and I’m tucked in my old bedroom at my parent’s house (it’s now my dad’s office where I’m sleeping on an air mattress) eating takeout Thai food, gathering our links for Sunday reading.  All of this to say, this feels right.  I’m also hoping my dad didn’t count the number of peanut butter cookies he just baked off before going to bed because I’m going to get into those before the night is out. 

I hope you’re ready to rest and holiday the way you do.  I hope you feel like you’re where you belong.  Here’s a short list of reading for this week:  

 Here’s to radical liberty and just going to the movies.  The Gift of Loneliness:  a single woman’s secret to surviving the holiday season alone.  

 A list for all of us- all of the time really. 8 Ways To Have Better Relationships in 2018.  More resolutions coming soon.

•  Goals for 2018, get us a pajama lounge. 

 Have you listened to Jessie Ware’s latest album Glasshouse?  It’s fantastic.  See also:  Jessie Ware is working on being a working mom.  There’s gin involved which does make sense to me. 

•  Are you baking for Christmas morning?  Are Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls on the docket?  Maybe these Chocolate Babka Muffins?  Each have make-ahead options (aka an overnight rise in the refrigerator) so there’s no excuse not to have warm cinnamony dough with Christmas presents.

  Have you taken a visit to The Kitchn’s Cookieland?  Meet me over at the Temple of the Last Minute Cookie Baker.

•  What good fortune! Adrianna made us this gorgeous Crunchy Brussels Sprout Salad with pecorino, apples, and candied pecans! 

•  I’m very excited about making a Vision Board at the start of next year.  It’s true.

•  Get the pole out of the crawl space:  Festivus For the Rest Of Us

My holiday love- comin’ atcha!

xo Joy