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The Sparkling Negroni

We all deserve a pat on the back and a clink of the glasses come December 31st.  Another year. Another WHOLE year in the books.  Can you even believe it?  We did it, everyday. 

Here are a few things to CHEERS to: 

* Cheers to all of you who made the Chocolate Babka Pull Apart Muffins for your holiday morning last week!  

* Cheers to all of you who have a copy of Over Easy on your bookshelf.  Extra cheers to each of the smiling faces that came out to my book signings this year.  

* A cheers to all of the genuinely smiling faces we’ve captured on our cameras this year. 

* A cheers for all the selfies we’ve taken with our animals.   

* Cheers to all the times we spoke up even though we were scared or intimidated.  

* Cheers to all the times we said f*ck politeness.  Cheers to staying sexy, to not getting murdered. See: My Favorite Murder

* Cheers to big ears.  Cheers to big dreams. Cheers to all of our hard work.  Cheers to fostering kindness in the world.  Cheers to sleeping in the middle of the bed. 

And here’s what we’re cheers-ing:  THE SPARKLING NEGRONI

Start with ice cubes – we want them fancy.  In a square ice cube tray pour filtered water, a few dashes of campari, and a few orange zest pieces into each ice cube slot.  Freeze until solid through.  

(Or, honestly… you could use regular ice. Whatever makes you feel a-OKAY.)

Take out two rocks glasses.  Into each glass pour: 

• 2 ounces Campari

• 2 ounces sweet vermouth (I like Carpano Antiqua)

• 2 ounces gin (I LOVE St. George Terroir)

Stir well.  

Add two cubes of ice, fancy or otherwise, into each glass.  

Pop a bottle of champagne or prosecco.  Relish in the sound.  

Pour into each glass to top the cocktail.  Stir lightly.  CHEERS and dang, enjoy it! 

Photographed on a very cold and rainy day in New Orleans with Jon Melendez