Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 154!

The real truth is, I’ve just eaten far more cookies than I need and I’m sitting on the couch watching what is commonly known as the BEST episode of The Office EVER:  Dinner Party – Season 4, Episode 9.  It’s some of the best television there is and ever was, proving to be just the right distraction for the ridiculous, shithole of a news week we’ve had.  We get to use that word freely now. We can just bandy it about carelessly and thoughtlessly. If anyone calls you on it, just lie. It works all the time. 

Below you’ll find some less intolerable news because despite the mess we’re in right now, most of us are still doing, making, persevering, and fighting for what is true, just, beautiful, and kind.  

Above: The Marigny Opera House, New Orleans. 

Deep breath and here we are: 

 Geraldine DeRuiter was brave enough to make Mario Batali’s apology Pizza Cinnamon Rolls and we owe her a great thanks.  

 My absolute favorite radio interviewer is Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.  She’s as curious and thoughtful as we need a question-asker to be.  Here, the tables have turned:  In Conversation with Terry Gross.  One of my very favorite Terry Gross interviews is with Maurice Sendak.  Deep.  Get into it. 

 The heart of the matter:  Why Am I So Lazy? 

 Facebook is changing our world again:  The Comment Is The New Share.

 Trendy:  How Death Got Cool.  Ok so we’re training mushrooms now.  

 I tried to get Tron into this video of the World’s Smallest Wild Cat, he pretended not to be into it but I know he was. Ps. Torn is my GIANT orange cat, if you didn’t know. 

 Why Nursing Is a Job of the Future For Men.  I really appreciated Justin Kuunifaa’s approach. Caregiver. Generous with dignified care.  

Also it’s pretty *eyeroll* that these dudes are like *shrug emoji* ‘everyone mistakes me for a doctor’.  Ok… sirs. You’re getting paid more than your female counterparts please stop with the crocodile tears about gender narratives and how revolutionary you feel taking care of another human. 

 Seems urgent:  we’re exercising our faces now.

 We’re so weird about time and mortality: You’re Most Likely To Do Something Extreme Right Before You Turn 30… or 40, or 50.   Think of it this way: our whole life is a series of “when” decisions. 

 Toasted Oat and Coconut Muesli for something hearty to eat all week long.  Again…. ‘when’ decisions. 

 This week at The Bakehouse we had a pasta making workshop making this simple fresh pasta recipe from The Kitchn!  We’ve got more Spring classes hitting the schedule soon! Follow @thebakehousenola to stay up to date!  (It really is so fun!)

 Made these BEAUTIES this week:  Overnight Beignets with Strawberry Powdered Sugar.  A combination from Over Easy and A Cozy Kitchen

 My friend Maggie is so generous with herself and her journey very inspiring:  What I Eat.  

I think you’re great! Enjoy your day. 

xo Joy