Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 158!

Hello my friends! 

What sort of spirits are you in this Sunday? Are you foggy from Mari Gras madness (though if you’re within 75 miles of New Orleans I don’t think you’ll be getting to this post until Wednesday )?  Are you in the Olympic spirit? I think it’s the John Williams theme music making us proud to be humans in the world. Maybe instead of all that you’re looking forward Valentine’s Day chocolate and romance and lobster and diamonds.  Do I have that holiday right? 

Wherever this finds you, please accept this offering of Sunday links to help you ease into this day.  I adore you.  Here we are: 

•  This is an unexpected and very pleasing read about the town in Vermont that is also home to King Arthur Flour.  How To Parent An Olympic Athlete

•  This is interesting and yes, we’ve gone to the dogs.  An exploration of New York real estate, through dogs.

•  Our girl Cara Nicoletti has a new Vice show called The Hangover Show and  I want to live in her living room and eat Cheeseburger Fried Rice for a long long time. 

 The House That Lars Built has some of my favorite craft tutorials. I’m making this chrysanthemum flower hat and collar for Mardi Gras! 

 I have a feeling that piñata making is going to be one of my future hobbies.  How Mexican Pinatas Get Made

 Welp, here we are – just a bunch of lady mammals in the world.  A Brief History of How We Got Tricked Into Shaving.  It’s money, always. 

 Alert!  New podcast for us!  Forever 35.  (It me. Thank you.)

 A phrase I Googled this week:  How To Make An Omelet Like A French Person. And then I made myself a very satisfying omelet for dinner.

 Just last night I found myself wearing a surprisingly efficient pair of onion goggles, but now this:   Tear-Free Onions are here.  

 Whoa, friends!  This BakeAlong recipe with King Arthur Flour looks incredible and if you make it please invite me over:  Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberries.  I’ll bring you a King Cake. Fair trade. 

 I think this would make for a lovely gift for your bestie as a belated Valentine’s Day present:  Bestie

Enjoy your Sunday! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

xo Joy