Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 159!

New Orleans is a city, yes – but it’s also a spirit, a feeling, and a force.  This past week the entire city had their hands in the air and their feet dancing across the ground in thanks and celebration for our very being, for our wildness, for the brokenness, for the wholeness, for the rain that fell, and the sun that surprised us all come Tuesday.  It was a really special Mardi Gras, as it always is.  

Maybe you weren’t dancing in the streets, but my goodness, I hope you snuck that joy into some part of your week.  It’s essential.  Especially when our days can so often be so dark.  

I know that we’re mourning more often than we ought to these days.

Here is my Sunday offering. Fair warning, a lot of these articles ended up being from the New York Times, if you have an article cap.  I didn’t realize when I collected these links, but next week I’ll be more conscious because I understand not everyone has a subscription. 

•  Why do we have to keep living through this?  Because we won’t enact common sense gun laws. Honestly… at this point, what will it take? Congress.  How To Call Your Representative About Gun Control. And VOTE!

•  Jada Yuan has the incredible task of going to each of the 52 places on the 52 Places to Go in 2018 list and New Orleans is the first stop on her list.  Starting an Intimidating World Tour in the Big Easy.  You nailed it, Jada.  You understand it down here.  

•  WOW.  These are really powerful thoughts about Lent.  What would a self-imposted emptiness and wandering reveal? What Will You Give Up For Lent?  

•  This is incredible:  Finding a Lost Strain of Rice and Clues to Slave Cooking.  B.J. Dennis is doing the blessed work of honoring Southern culture through food.

•  This is an interesting read:  The Transgressive Appeal of the Comedy Murder Podcast.  We’re really hit on something that acknowledges, quells and feeds our anxieties all at the same time.  Still though, I’m gonna stay sexy and try very hard not to get murdered. 

•  Tara Jensen’s words are beautiful and heartfelt and I’m deeply excited for her new book:  How I Crushed Years of Regret into a Fragrant Mess of Flour 

•  “When we let convenience decide everything, we surrender too much.”  The Tyranny of Convenience

•  I found these words poignant.  Figuring out why you’re going to give of your time and money can help build the foundation of where and how.  Ya know?  How to make a personal plan for giving

•  Successful singlehood.  For the record, I’ve nailed it.  For a better marriage, act like a single person.

•  Here to tell you that this recipe really holds up:  Chocolate Beet Cake with Beet Cream Cheese Frosting

•  Deb made these Korean Short Ribs and answered all of our questions about the Instant Pot and we’re genuinely grateful. 

•  Our boss-friend Ellen of Hedley & Bennett shows us her lovely home (and giant pig).  Ellen and Casey’s Los Angeles Home

•  Mmmkay watch me live in this sweater

•  A classic Whiskey Sour

I hope this day is a good day.

xo Joy