Let It Be Sunday, 161!

Hello sweet friends and welcome to Sunday!

The Japanese magnolias are in bloom in New Orleans, making the city even that much more magical!  I love these blooms.  

I managed to tick every task off my to-do list this week and I’m rewarding myself with some very chill and restorative crafting this Sunday afternoon.  I’m thinking something along the lines of this jean embroidery from Honestly WTF

I’ve been thinking about those of you in that monster snow storm and I hope today finds you with light and heat and all the coffee and hot breakfast you need. 

My Sunday offering follows:

 We all have our blind spots but you can trust me when I tell you that I am very very smart and very very creative. (I’m 39% kidding, ok?)  People Don’t Actually Know Themselves Very Well. (The Atlantic)

 The nature of every day and every night as our circumstances and job markets change:  America’s 24-hour daycare center: a visit in pictures. (The Guardian)

•  Let’s let this ring in our ears loud and clear, ok? The 4 Personality Traits That Keep You From Making More Money. (The Cut)

 In this week’s workshop at The Bakehouse (yes, I’m always talking about this) I taught food photography for Instagram!  Everyone in the class decorated and photographed these gems:  Browned Butter Baked Doughnuts.  I’ll tell ya what – we had a great time.  (Joy the Baker)

 I needed this information this week:  Which Alcohols Should Be Refrigerated And Why.  Thanks Food52!

 What are you having for breakfast? Deb’s Parsley Pecorino Biscuits? (Smitten Kitchen)

 It feels so so good to finish a weekend project.  This Sunday I’m embroidering a pair of jeans (fingers crossed) and feeding the trees in my backyard.  Keeping it simple.  But!  I love these ideas from Apartment Therapy for future weekends:  11 Mini Weekend Makeovers Anyone Can Pull Off On The Cheap.

 Our girl Molly Yeh wrote a Short Stack book about Yogurt that I’m very excited about!  Did I already tell you about this? Maybe so… well, I’m into it!  

 My friend Lauren is killing the game in these Nashville looks. (Eloquii)

•  I need to tell you something.  I do two things on an airplane:  cry and shop on Amazon.  I DON’T KNOW – I JUST DO.  This week’s plane travel air purchase was a a dry body brush.  I think because I care very much about my lymphatic system?  Just let me do this.   

Have the most lovely Sunday!

xo Joy