Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 162!

Hello my dears,  

I’m often surprised at how often I have to redefine what balance looks like to me.  This week was no different. Sometimes balance requires more yoga, sometimes less… way less.  Sometimes balance involves more Oreo cookies, less time with the computer, and more walks along the river.

Speaking of the river, our great Mississippi: It’s been high this week – reminding us, as though we’ve forgotten, that she’s in charge.  (Thanks for the leeway with the punctuation in that last sentence.  I take major liberties.)  Along the banks of the river I’ve spotted altars and offerings and it fills my heart with this feeling that we appreciate this place, that we know how precious it is.  I’ve tried to let those feelings of gratitude filter through my week.  

I hope this finds you rested and ready for some longer Spring days.  Here’s my offering this week: 

 15 stories of important and overlooked women from the NYT this week: Overlooked.  Strong, and we know it. 

 This story about a man and lemons goes into some very unexpected places: A Man, A Plan, A Lemon, China  The story of Frank N Meyer. (Taste) 

 Menstrual cramps are as painful as a heart attack.  Basically we’re all warriors but… honestly, we already knew that. (Elle)

 Sade has blessed us with another song. Casually: Flower of the Universe. Sade is my vibe and style icon.  Queen. (NPR)

 Do you follow astrology?  Then you must know about Chani Nichols.  Her New Moon in Pisces Workshop seems just the ticket.   (Chani Nichols)

•  I’m listening to the true crime novel:  I’ll Be Gone In The Dark and ran across this heart-warming and heart-wrenching tribute: My Friend Michelle McNamara, the Crime Writer Gone in the Dark. (Vulture)

 My beautiful friend and photographer Lani Trock was featured in LA Magazine.  Her words about art, creation, and inspiration are beautiful.  Also this quote from Tom Waits rings loud in my head: The way you do anything, is the way you do everything. 

 The current pop-up is the past taco truck:  How Pop Ups Took Over America’s Restaurants (GQ)

 Some companies are taking a stand:  Ok Delta! (Times)

 If you watch The Bachelor franchise you know that, at this point, every season is a new, fresh hell.  With the fiasco that was this latest season with Arie, I’m going to bow out.  As I exit, I’m going to offer you this: 11 Bachelor Rules That Just Don’t Make Sense Anymore. (Vulture)

 We’ve got a few more Fridays in Lent and if you can’t find a local fish fry, you sure can make your own:  Friday Fish Fry! (JoytheBaker)

 You should come to The Bakehouse on March 29th! We’re hosting a scent workshop with Smoke Perfume! Also, there are a few spots left in the Strawberry Pie Making Workshop (using Ponchatoula strawberries!!) on April 14th!  (Eventbrite)

 What to make when the fridge is looking real reeeaaalll slim.  Fried Water aka Onion Egg Drop Soup.  The thing is, sometimes recipes with very few ingredients are secretly fussy and I fear that I’m going to end up with a bowl of scrambled egg soup. Still, I’m curious enough to take the chance. (The Kitchn)

 My friend Nicole shared some chicken dinner with me this week and it floored me.  Turns out it’s this New York Times recipe for Oven Roasted Chicken Shawarma.  I’m absolutely making it for myself soon, so soon.  

Let’s enjoy the day! 

My love to you,