Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 167!

I’ve waited on this magnolia in my backyard for weeks and weeks and here it is in all its glory. It smelled like sweet new syrup and the bees were absolutely love drunk.  

This week synopsis with a lot of omissions:  I found a package of peanut butter cups in my travel purse this week and thanked my past travel self for the indulgence.  I walked in the sunshine, had one of those weird nightmares where I screamed myself awake, had dinner with my older sister and her boss, and drove to Ponchatoula Louisiana for the best strawberries I’ve ever eaten.  Listen… you take the good/ you take the bad / you eat the peanut butter cups.  

Here is my offering this week. A smattering of things that might not have crossed your path during regular Internet news consumption: 

 What We Lost In Austin Bombing Victim Draymen Mason.  A lot of good, a lot of beauty, and it’s a heartbreaking shame. (Texas Monthly)

 Our skin – the largest organ of our bodies and our most outward presentation.  This resonates:  The Classist Implications of “Bad Skin”.  (Racked) 

 The Sanitized Words of Complicated Women.  Sidetone: we’re all complicated. Let’s look at it all. (Shondaland)

 Asking Polly: Should I Leave My Amazing But Incredibly Frustrating Relationship?  Some things are hard to know from the inside, and DAMN POLLY lays it down. (The Cut)

  The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump. (NYT)

 Deeply,unflinchingly relevant:  How Do We Write Now?

 If only… The rise and demise of American Airlines $250K lifetime ticket. Nonstop to the moon, please.  Thankyouverymuch. (The Hustle)

  In other important news: How to Do Salad for Dinner Like They Do in Paris. (The Kitchn)

 It’s a dress / It’s a duster (sorta). (Everlane)

 Letters:  Who Handles The Dishes?  These feels voyeuristic is a weird way. (The Atlantic)

 We’ve been making Strawberry Pies at The Bakehouse all weekend (literally) and I switched things up by thickening these berry pies with quick-cooking tapioca instead of cornstarch.  GAME CHANGER!  Check out this knowledge from King Arthur for your summer pie baking:  Pie Filling Thickeners.  

 We’re in the last few days of our Kentucky Derby Trip Giveaway contest so be sure to get your #DerbyDishContest photos up on Instagram. Y’all… one of you will win a trip to the Derby! Find details and inspiration here! (Joy the Baker)

More soon, friends! Enjoy this day!

xo Joy