Let It Be Sunday, 173!

Hello dear friends!  

Thank you for your patience with me this holiday weekend. I’ve been away from my computer celebrating my birthday on the coast of South Carolina this past weekend.  I’m officially very full of barbecue and good wine so… birthday dreams do come true.

Hopefully this day has you extra restful, extra thoughtful, and looking forward to a boatload (maybe even literally) of summer adventures.  As part of that extra thoughtfulness, here’s 10 Things To Remember About Memorial Day from Mental Floss.  

Here’s the offering this week, from deeply sad to Drake and dresses:

 It’s critical we know what’s going on at the US Mexico border these days.  There are a multitude of hardships, sadly, this being one of them: Immigrant families separated at border struggle to find each other. (Houston Chronicle)

 Fake news on trial.  I wish this kind of darkness was unfathomable, but here we are reckoning:  Sandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones, Conspiracy Theorist. (NYT)

 Self-compassion is our new mantra, ok?  Why You Should Stop Being So Hard on Yourself.  This resonates. (NYT)

 Positivity and resilience, our other mantra:  The Benefits of Optimism Are Real.   (The Atlantic)

 I hustled a lot of plane travel this holiday weekend and worked my way through this 30 for 30 podcast series. It is as frustrating as it is well done:  Bikram. (30 for 30)

 As I inch closer and closer to eating no meat at all:  How To Kill A Fish. (Topic)

 God bless this sandwich:  California Veggie Sandwich.  (Bon Appetit)

 I start yoga teacher training this week.  I’ve been reading a stack of books on anatomy and philosophy, this among them:  The Wisdom of Insecurity.  (Amazon)

 Here’s what I’m baking this week: Gluten-Free Lemon Blueberry Loaf Cake.  (Sprouted Kitchen) 

 Well friends, Drake is upset.  (Vulture) 

 This week on Instagram I gave away some of my favorite summer skincare products.  Not included in that giveaway was this Hydra Nourishing Gel which I swear by for post-sun moisture.  Also, use code JOY20 for 20% off! (DrSkinHealth) 

 Summer dressing. (Asos) 

Enjoy this holiday! My love to you,

xo Joy