Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 175!

Fair to say it’s been a rough week but here we are, still in the world with a Sunday in front of us.  

I heard a passing news story this week about bird sounds in the Amazon rainforest and how the people that live in the rainforest can tell the time of day, the season, the weather, the everything of their world by the sound of birdcalls. It’s a tangible rhythm, and a reminder of all we have to tune into.  It was a simple reminder of something so profound and complex.  

I’ve studied a lot of yoga words, ate a ridiculous tomato sandwich, planned some work and travel, breathed through some anxiety, and washed a lot of dishes this week.  You know – the things of life.

I hope this finds you rested and well.  Thank you for all you shared in the comment section last Sunday.  I appreciate all your lady thoughts.  Here’s what I read and what I’m reading this week.  

 In his own words: How Anthony Bourdain Came to Be Anthony Bourdain.  (Bon Appetite)

 Helen Rosner wrote the most beautiful piece on this searing man who showed us so much: Anthony Bourdain and the Power of Telling The Truth.  (The New Yorker)

•  This is the long read I’m working through this week from The Marshall Project:  The Hardest Lesson.  Can a violent adult jail teach kids to love school?

 This is a beautifully written story of what feels like lightening in a bottle:  She Was a Soul Food Sensation, Then, 19 Years Ago, She Disappeared.   Rizzoli’s re-issue of Princess Pamela’s Soul Food Cookbook is here. (Food52 and Amazon)

 A case made for more flow in our lives:  What Time Feels Like When You’re Improvising

 As I inch into these yoga studies, I’m rewatching this documentary: Ram Dass, Going Home.  It’s leveling.  (Netflix)

 Amy’s story is important:  Rocklin teacher says cyberbullying drove her from the classroom.  (Sacramento Bee)

 Two books I want to read this summer:  A Shout In The Ruins by Kevin Powers (a recommendation from one of my favorite bookstores, Book People) AND Visible Empire by Hannah Pittard (a recommendation from Emma Roberts and @belletrist).  (Book People and Amazon)

 Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha – they’ve been with us for twenty years now.  Here are 20 very memorable moments from Sex and The City, see: Lawrence of my Labia. (The Cut)

 Coconut: take me away.  A Brief History of Drinking Cocktails From Coconuts featuring LA’s Coconut Club! (Eater)

 Leave it to Alton Brown to show us the easiest way to juice a watermelon.  (Epicurious)

 Jon made Chicken Meatball Tikka Masala.  Going on the long long list of things I should eat besides my lazy baby carrots and hummus. (The Candid Appetite) 

 Campfire Baked Bananas At Home.  Feeling’ it? (Joy the Baker) 

 Summer staple: the cute scarf. (Evereve)

Enjoy your Sunday. This week: pie!

xo Joy