Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 178!

Hello dear friends!

I did one of those things where I hit publish on this blog post… well, in my sleep.  No joke. Apparently that’s a thing that happens. 

I’ve been in Dallas this weekend working really very hard on a video shoot. I’ll tell ya – a 4am call time is all fine and good until it’s 9:30 pm and you’re publishing hot blog content apparently in your sleep.  I feel like we’ve been together long enough to laugh it off though, right? 

I’ll be in Dallas for another few days touring around, eating all of the Emporium Pie and barbecue and good sushi.

Judging by the hotel pool party yesterday (my goodness!), folks are celebrating 4th of July this weekend and I hope that means you’re getting together with friends and eating potato salad in multiple varieties.  

Here’s the offering this week:  

 Annapolis:  When a Local Tragedy Becomes National News.  (The Atlantic)

  Are you here?  Why A Pro-Life World Has A Lot of Dead Women In It. (Harpers Bazaar)

 Gossiping… you know, it’s bonding – like when we used to groom one another way way back in the day.  Gossiping is Good. (The Atlantic)

 A casual four cups?  The Right Amount Of Coffee You Should Drink A Day. (Inc)

 Good idea:  There Should Be No Internet for One Weekend Per Month. (The Cut)

•  This feels vulnerable and compelling: The Gospel According To Andre.  (YouTube)

 No matter how you feel about Drake’s new album Scorpion, trust that the cakes will hit the oven shortly: 5 takeaways from Drake’s New Double Album. (Pitchfork) 

 Dave Matthews does a Tiny Desk Concert and hey, he has really nice skin which, of course, isn’t the point but I feel like it’s important to note.   (NPR)

 Have you already torn through the latest season of Queer Eye?  It’s charming as ever because these Fab 5 just have the best chemistry. Nothing Is Off The Table at Dinner With the Cast of Queer Eye.  (Vulture)

 We’ve entered hot dog season which makes these a pretty unstoppable idea:  Chili Cheese Dogs.  (Joy the Baker)

 Not a thing wrong with it:  Single Serving Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie. (Food52)

Enjoy your day today!