Beyond the Kitchen

Summer Bucket List, 2018!

It’s that time of year again! 

BUCKET LIST buck•et list (noun): a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have accomplished during their lifetime.  Also, a 2007 comedic film featuring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.  

SUMMER BUCKET LIST sum•mer buck•et list (noun):  a list of things that a person would like to accomplish and experience during the summer months.  If done correctly, should involve water balloons, ice cream, and a pool party or two.  

Here’s my Summer Bucket List.  It’s pretty simple this year because my biggest intention is to make space.  Slow it all down and make space to learn and create.  It’s a luxury, but it’s also entirely necessary.    I hope this list inspires some playful and quiet intentions for your warm months.  

  Complete yoga teacher training and keep a journal.  I’m committed to this all summer and I’ll share bits of it along the way as I gain perspective.  I’m really excited.  (I’m also really nervous.) (Such is the beginning of things.) 

•  See my sister Sweet Lo in Seattle – also I can’t wait to visit our girl Ashley Rodriguez at her new kitchen and shop! Trust that there will be some sort of ice cream and cookie popup sometime this summer in Seattle. 

•  Make root beer.  Although I’m also thinking of making homemade cola, too.  Maybe I’m just thirsty. Goal still stands. 

 Have a big backyard party. Like, everyone I know + an inflatable pool + tequila + oysters on the grill. Okaaayy?

•  Finish that book proposal.  Not to worry. I’ve got my teeth in it now. 

•  Put your body in a new body of water. Something like, a new-to-me lake or river or bright blue ocean.  I have plans for Mexico, fingers crossed. 

•  Make space to create and learn and be curious.  SPACE and all its value. 

Want to take a look at Summer Bucket Lists from the past few years? 

Summer Bucket List, 2017!  I’m still working on getting that piano.  I’m having patience with myself and my bank account. 

Summer Bucket List, 2016!  Yep – that was a damn fine summer. 

Summer Bucket List, 2015!  That was a sweet little patio in the summertime.  

What’s on your list this summer?  I bet you’ve got some good plans. 

xo Joy