Booze Drinks Recipes

Frozen Moscow Mules

Hello dear friends and happy festival season from New Orleans!  Down here we celebrate… well just about everything with cocktails and music but this time of year there’s something special in the air.   It’s my absolute favorite time of…

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Booze Fruit Holiday Recipes

Apple Snap Cocktails

t’s time for a new go-to cocktail.  This summer’s negroni and sangria indulgences are long past me.  I’m looking for an Autumn cocktail that feels ample and cozy… but nothing like mulled wine or syrupy sweet pear drinks. Has there…

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Booze Fruit Recipes

Sunset Happy Hour Cocktails

I knew New Orleans would feel different from my little beach bungalow in Venice, California.  That’s why you move across the country, right? I knew the air would be thicker in New Orleans,  I figured the walls would be older,…

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Booze Holiday Recipes

Classic Mint Juleps

Let’s throw the best Kentucky Derby Party around!  This… coming from a California girl curiously living in the Deep South. In my mind, throwing the best Derby Party has everything to do with buying all of the mint and all…

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Booze Recipes

The Old-Fashioned

I learned how to drink alcohol between the ages of 21 and 25. Learning how to drink is an exercise in irony.  It’s like you have to learn how not to drink in order to learn how to properly drink….

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