Here’s The Word, Turkey-Bird

Listen, I know I can’t compete with your Aunt Martha’s green bean casserole, or your Uncle Steve’s ultra-moist stuffing.  I know.  Thanksgiving is sacred and we shouldn’t be in the business of reinventing the turkey wheel.  No one wants that….

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Chili Cheese Dogs

This is an exercise in following your craving.  Actually, this is more of an exercise in dragging you along into following my craving.  (Sorry?)

I do a really good job of eating spinach and quinoa and omega-this and superfood-that.  Essentially, I do a really good job of not eating chili cheese dogs as often as I want to eat chili cheese dogs.

So here we are, and it’s really delicious.  

Also… while we’re chili-cheesing things, may I humbly present these Baked Chili Cheese Fries.  They aren’t chili topped, rather chili flavored… which is pretty dang exciting if you asked me (and I’m pretty sure you asked me).  

Let’s do this.  There’s no turning back now.  Well there is, but would you really want to?  

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Amaretti Cookie Tiramisu

I’m trying to hold on to something.  It’s feels big and elusive… and I just looked down at my fingernails to find that at some point during the day I must have bitten them all off.  I’m trying to hold…

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