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The Joy the Baker Cookbook is an unabashed celebration of butter, sugar, and heavy cream.  With 100 recipes and 100 photos, you’re sure to find the perfect recipe for anything from Sunday quiche to chocolate cake just for you.  This is my first cookbook, and I packed it with all the love and sugar I could muster.  I made it for you and I hope that you love it!

The Joy the Baker Cookbook is currently available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and IndieBound.     Thank you (from deep inside my heart) to all of you who have ordered, baked from, and enjoyed this book.  It means so much to me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you go on a book tour? 

Guess what!?  I DID!  It was incredible!  In the Spring of 2012 I visited wonderful places like San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis, and New York.

You met me with kindness, love, smiles, and cat toys.  It was an overwhelming pleasure to meet you!  You have changed my life and I’m so thankful for each one of you!  Take a peek at the video… it’s all about how you make me so happy I want to cry.  Also… my Dad is in the video, and he’s just the coolest/cutest.

Will you do any more book signings?

I may be out on the road again sometime this summer!  As soon as I know more, you’ll know more!

What’s your favorite recipe in the book?  

Do I have to pick just one?  There’s a recipe for Chocolate Bourbon Banana Bread that has me smitten.  I’m also enamored with these Honey Chamomile Cupcakes.

Who ate all of the food you tested for the book?

Oooh man, I have very happy neighbors.

How do you bake cookies everyday and not weigh 800 pounds?

I have a completely balanced diet of either a) doughnuts and cookie dough, or b) kale salad.

Yes… it’s bonkers.  I believe in indulging… and I believe in kale.  I also lead an active lifestyle… which, to me, just means that I ride my bike like a stone-cold maniac as often as I can.

Will you write another book, or what?

Yes… I would like very much for this to happen.  We’ll see that the publishing gods have to say about that.


Book Signings

book tour portland

You are such lovely people!  Thank you, Portland!

I love your smiling faces… and the little red baby in the back left.

book tour los angeles

Los Angeles… you made me cry.  I hope that’s not weird.  Thank you!

book tour seattle

Seattle!  You asked me A LOT of questions about coconut flour.

Thank you and I love you!

book tour st louis

You are so kind St Louis.  So many hugs!

cook tour chicago

Chicago!  You were so much fun.  Unbelievable!  Unforgettable.  You’re in my heart for life.

book tour new york

New York, whoa!  You blew me away with your big love and happiness.  Thank you for coming out and drinking beer and eating pastries with me!

book tour by tracy shutterbean

Thank you! Thank you!

A thank you to each and every one of you for buying a book, checking the book out from the library, buying a book for your sister, and suggesting the book to your mother-in-law.

Thank you for traveling across states to come to my book signing.  Thank you for listening to me talk at you.  Thank you for asking thoughtful questions.  Thank you for standing in line, and thank you for letting me write in your book.

Thank you for your kindness and support.  Thank you for coming here and making cakes along with me.  You are such a blessing to me.



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