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My second cookbook, Homemade Decadence,  is 125 of the most gooey, buttery, chocolatey, cocktail-y recipes I could dream up.  Each recipe has a gorgeous photo… for inspiration, daydreaming, and drooling.  The book is out October 14, 2014, but I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of the book and recipes here throughout the summer.

If you follow me on Instagram over the past year, you’ve gotten a glimpse inside the making of a cookbook. #jtbcookbook Yes, I sure did make up a hashtag!

Details on book signings and cooking classes will come later this summer!

You can pre-order the book here:



joy the baker cookbook!!!

My first cookbook, Joy the Baker Cookbookis an unabashed celebration of butter, sugar, and heavy cream.  With 100 recipes and 100 photos, you’re sure to find the perfect recipe for anything from Sunday quiche to chocolate cake just for you.  This is my first cookbook, and I packed it with all the love and sugar I could muster.  I made it for you and I hope that you love it!

The Joy the Baker Cookbook is currently available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and IndieBound.     Thank you (from deep inside my heart) to all of you who have ordered, baked from, and enjoyed this book.  It means so much to me!


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  1. So exciting, congrats! We’ll be in SanFran on the same day, but I’ll be leaving on a jet plane two hours before the signing – bummer!! So sad that I’ll miss it!

  2. First, I’m bringing my book to Pasadena to get signed but I might not get there until closer to 8pm because I work until 7:30 so PLEASE DON’T LEAVE.

    Also, I may have to like fake-tattoo your name on my face or something like I did when I went to Hanson concerts….


    congrats lady!

  3. PLEASE come to Minneapolis! If you are in Chi-town you are only a 45 mins plane ride away from Minneapolis, so lovely in spring time (really a mild winter so far so it will probably be a great spring!) Plus I bet you’d get some people from WI, IA, SD and ND (and maybe Canada?) to travel here to see you!

    Another selling point- no sales tax on clothes here if you happen to do any shopping!

  4. Oh Joy. I would give anything to meet you. Now, help me decide. Do I leave school a day early and come see you in St. Louis, or do I wait it out and see you in Chicago? These are the real life choices I need help making. Love you and your cooking so much.

  5. I am so excited for this! Is it weird to say it’s on my bucket list to meet you? Cause it totally is. I am hoping I can get myself up to New York because that is the only one anywhere close to me. If the opportunity presents itself to come south east coast-ish it would be much appreciated!! Congratulations!!

  6. Though I’m sure you’re flying from point to point, if by any chance you’re roadtripping from STL to Chicago, stop in Springfield, IL & have a horseshoe (heart attack on a cheesy plate) with me! Its right on the way, relatively half way!

  7. How about Edinburgh? I’m sure it’s just a couple hours drive ;)

    A girl can dream eh? Love you and your blog Joy! Can’t wait to get my hands on your book even if it won’t be signed :)

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