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My second cookbook, Homemade Decadence,  is 125 of the most gooey, buttery, chocolatey, cocktail-y recipes I could dream up.  Each recipe has a gorgeous photo… for inspiration, daydreaming, and drooling.  The book is out October 14, 2014, but I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of the book and recipes here throughout the summer.

If you follow me on Instagram over the past year, you’ve gotten a glimpse inside the making of a cookbook. #jtbcookbook Yes, I sure did make up a hashtag!

Details on book signings and cooking classes will come later this summer!

You can pre-order the book here:



joy the baker cookbook!!!

My first cookbook, Joy the Baker Cookbookis an unabashed celebration of butter, sugar, and heavy cream.  With 100 recipes and 100 photos, you’re sure to find the perfect recipe for anything from Sunday quiche to chocolate cake just for you.  This is my first cookbook, and I packed it with all the love and sugar I could muster.  I made it for you and I hope that you love it!

The Joy the Baker Cookbook is currently available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and IndieBound.     Thank you (from deep inside my heart) to all of you who have ordered, baked from, and enjoyed this book.  It means so much to me!



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  • Pearlie Skyes June 2, 2013 at 11:26 am

    Macarons in Japan are a popular confection known as “makaron”.There is also a version of the same name which substitutes peanut flour for almond and is flavored in wagashi style, widely available in Japan.`:-;

    Keep it up

  • Joy. I was just reading about your cookbook on barnes and noble’s website when i spied a review by EMMA STONE. who RAVES about your cookbook. she is the epitome of cinematic phenomenal so obviously she would like your culinary genius and equally hilarious writing. i thought you and your blog were incredible to begin with but the fact that emma stone reads your blog and makes the same recipes of yours that i do just made my day. you bring the world together.

  • Hi Joy,

    Please come to Greenville SC. Pretty please with a cherry on top!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Joy!

    I’m not a big comment-leaver, but upon reading this, I feel compelled to ask that you please come to Boston! I love your food, your writing, and (most importantly) your story! Thank you for sharing your talent :)

  • Good for you!!

    I found your website through a pinterest photograph, and literally laughed through tears over your recipe descriptions. You are adorable and I wish you much success and happiness in your career. As soon as I get back to the States on a visit, I will most definitely pick up a copy of your book.

    If you were to market this in Switzerland with the exact personality you convey on your video, I think you would be very successful. A Canadian cupcake baker has opened a hugely burgeoning business here simply because the whole concept is so new and innovative. It’s an open market for the time being … just saying. :)

    Bravissimo again!

  • Hey Joy!

    Love your blog :) I have been a loyal reader for about 2-3 years now and I finally got a chance to pick up your book. You did an amazing job so I hope every day you pat yourself on the back in a job well done!

    Thanks for making super accessible recipes and little tips on how to cheat when you don’t have all the ingredients!

    Cheers from Canada,


  • Made your trail mix cookies! My first recipe from the cookbook that I received in the mail this week! They were fantastic. Love the feel of your blog and the cookbook. Come check out my blog sometime. Thanks :)

  • If I had a cookbook, I’d want to know what the very first thing people decided to make was. Well, I just got your cookbook in the mail (yay) and the first thing I made was….Trail Mix Cookies! They are fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration. Check out my baking blog if have time…thanks :)

    • you are so sweet Jodi! thank you for the awesome comment! i do often wonder what first appeals to people. i hope the cookies were a raging success in your home! big love to you!

  • I love your cookbook. It has quickly become one of my favorites. This morning, I “risked” making the kale smoothie. It was indeed a risk, because I’m not usually a fan of most veggies, and to have them in drink form??? Well, it was fantastic! Here’s to an accomplishment of adding veggies to my routine — Yay! I also love the oatmeal pancakes and have been making them every weekend for my daughter and myself. Thanks!

  • i just found out you’re coming to vermont! i couldn’t be more excited to see you at king arthur flour! =)

  • Saw your book for sale in the King Arthur flour catalogue, very cool!

  • joy -another thing-do you have any book recommendations for me-i know you have recently given some after your trip to maine-but what are your all time favs?

  • hey-today i made two recipes from your book…two!! but i have to say the bourbon banana cake (even without the burbon like mine….not by choice i might add) is just the BEST banana loaf ever! all time fave! when is book two coming!?

  • Enjoyed this post…
    Cat lover and foodie!

  • I f you do another tour – which I remember reading was a possibility for the winter – please come to BOSTON!

    Well, ideally, you should do a European Book Tour, but I can’ t ask too much…

    PS: I made your breakfast nachos the other day…very much a hit!

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