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Bonkers Awesome is a 14 episode web series I developed and produced with my partners Michael Friedman and Hilton Carter for the online Scripps Network In this series I visit my favorite bakery, meet my favorite food photographer, travel to New York City to make candy apples, and learn how to make couture chocolate with a master chocolatier. It’s always an adventure with lots of laughs (and just a few awkward moments).

One of my favorite episodes was on the ranch with The Pioneer Woman. We made Mac and Cheese… it was perfect.

We worked so hard to make this show for you and we sooo appreciate that you’re watching! Thank you!

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Together with Emmy Award winning editor and producer Michael Friedman, I created Homefries, a food and lifestyle podcasting network. Homefries is home to The Joy the Baker Podcast, The Art of SimplePodcast and The Table Set. Smash together community, creativity, food, wine, simple living and entertaining and you’ve got HomeFries. We work hard every week to create new podcasts… the kind of podcasts that we would want to listen to. It’s like easy listening… without the terrible saxophones.

With more than 120 episodes to date, the Joy the Baker podcast reveals a candid look into my crazy stories and food inspirations. I’m joined by my maj Tracy Benjamin (also known as Shutterbean) to talk recipes, photography, blog life, and life in general…oh, and candy.