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  1. Joy, I like meat. I like your blog. I wish you had a Meat Section on your blog though.
    Is this a Meat Section challenge? MmHmmm.

    I really love your blog, aaaaand I realize you’re a baker and not a meat cooker….but I think you also eat meat. Meat is important. And I’d REALLY love to see you have a MEAT section on this blog….like you have a Sweets section, a Fruits sections, a Cakes section…..Meat Section?? Please? It would make planning dinner on a Friday evening like right now, so much easier for me. And it would be a cool challenge for you! Something new and fun and exciting! Meat on Joy the Baker! Everyone wins?


  2. I would love to have access to your recipes for the wedding/engagement cakes. Some of them don’t have links and the ones that do the links do not work. Any chance you can share again? I have some events coming up this year and want to try out some new recipes. Thank you!!!! Sheila

  3. I’ve just been introduced to your site via a friend who knew I’d just bought an Ice cream maker, and heard me talk about wanting to make Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice cream like Baskin and Robins.
    Let me just say when I tell my partner I have a recipe, he is going to keel over from the thought that we could have an almost endless supply of heaven in the freezer!

    Not only do I have a recipe for amazing Ice cream but a fountain of other amazing looking recipes to try :)
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Joy….

    I usually don’t comment on blogs or forums or anything online, I am a little lazy that way, but you just inspire me. I ADORE your blog and your passion for baking. I too love baking and finding any excuse to do it. Taco bell is also one of my loves. Your humor, honesty and talent shine! Please Food Network, stop being dumb and give this girl her own show.

    Lots of love and support!

    -Lauren (long beach)

  5. Thanks for this page – I’m a Canadian living in Australia and am soooo excited about the pumpkin pie bars that I think I’ll make them for my friends for afternoon tea tomorrow!
    thanks again, Catina

  6. i am looking for a bread recipe with a starter like the friendship bread . hope to find Amish bread recipe. thanks joy

  7. Hello! Just stopping by to select a few recipes for my works Gallery opening next weekend and you’ve made it so easy to search for recipes! Thank you! :o)

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