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I’d love for you to keep me company.  I need someone to share all this cake with!

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  • Those peaches look gorgeous, I haven’t seen anything as desirable as that in Camberwell! (Sorry, i putu my blog address in your website box because i don’t have a website). Madfranky recommended you

  • Hi – How do I unsubscribe to the email posts? I just switched over to subscribing to your blog via RSS, but I don’t know how to unsubscribe my email address. Please help keep my email inbox from overflowing! Thanks!

  • Elissa Shields May 13, 2011 at 10:47 am

    I never was into reading blogs or baking, but honestly, I cannot stop reading or talking about your blog with friends! Your sense of humor is so fresh and the things you make are so good to look at I HAVE to try them! I will for sure be getting your cook book when it comes out! It will be on my birthday wish list!

  • I love this site! Making me hungry :)

  • I am so excited to say that in 3 weeks I will be visiting LA for the first time! May I put in a request for some avocado pound cake somewhere between 5/25-2/28? Great thanks! We can barter: pound cake for a pile of random stationary for your pen pal project or something else I can bring from DC.
    Is there 1 “must see/do” thing that you can recommend for the area?


  • Where on earth does one find instant espresso, or espresso powder? If I have regular ground espresso, what are equal substitutions say, if the recipe calls for 1 and 1/2 Tbs. of powdered espresso, what is the correct amt. of the regularly ground espresso beans. Thank you ahead of time. Although I would like your answer ASAP. Sorry ’bout that. Cindy

    • instant espresso powder is very similar to instant ground coffee. you could just use that. ground espresso beans might be a little grainy in the recipe.

  • Dearest Joy!
    I am absolutely in love with your quirks, your writing, and your recipes. Thanks for sharing!
    I have a request though: I’d really like to see you tackle marzipan. Something so simple, yet so elegant could only be improved upon by your signature style.

    Anxiously awaiting your marzipan debut,

  • It All Looks good!!

  • So Joy I have a question for you. How do you come up with your recipes/posts? Do people send you recipes and you tweak them abit? Because I have this coconut macaroon recipe from my Mother-in-law’s folks and I think it needs a little something. Can you help me or is that against the “rules”? Thanks again for all your hard work!

  • What a wonderful blog! I love your posts! My mouth waters everytime I look at all your pictures!

  • Hi Joy!

    I swear I saw you at the farmers market in Hollywood last Sunday except you had lighter hair!! I had no idea who you were until seeing your pic today but I kept looking at you, like, somehow I’ve seen her before. ;) Maybe it was your twin. Anyway a mutual acquaintance of ours turned me on to your blog…which I LOVE, by the way!

    Have a couple questions for you, if you have the time!

    All best, and definitely subscribing today and looking forward to that cinnamon bread and many other wonderful treats :)

  • Hi Joy! I just found your blog..AWESOOOOOME, & subscribed via email.
    I’m from the land of Dulce de Leche ,Argentina,but living far away almost for15 in Italy.
    I love baking &photos ! so i’m gonna be around.
    Saluti :) (sorry formy english!)

  • Thanks for your foodspiration.

  • Joy, I LOVE your site. You offer the most wonderful photos and recipes. Thank you for the mention of my cookbook, SWEETS: Soul Food Desserts and Memories.
    Please visit me at my new blog, The Domestic Geisha, where I am attempting to follow the same “recipes with memories and womanly maxims” format as I’ve used in my cookbooks.
    Once again, I LOVE this site. I am a frequent visitor.
    Patty Pinner

  • Hi, just stumbled over your website and I find it absolutely awesome! I mean great receipts! I’m subscribing :) Congratulations.

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