I’d love for you to keep me company.  I need someone to share all this cake with!

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  1. Hi Joy!

    Love your cookbook ! And your website. And your recipes on your website. Some of your vegan and vegetarian recipes have inspired me to return to my good eating habits of 15 years ago and drop the bad eating habits that I’ve had most recently and that have added lots of pounds that make me sad.

    I’m doing well with my food renaissance, and quickly was reminded of how much I love fresh food; it’s funny that as soon as I started eating them at every meal – the memories came rushing in. I physically feel much better, but need some sources to turn to, to keep me inspired.

    I know you appreciate all types of cookbooks and have mentioned many in your posts. I tried to go through your entries to find some of the cookbooks that you’ve given a shout-out or two to, that were vegan or vegetarian, but hand a difficult time pinpointing their titles.

    If you have a moment. Could you tell me some you have liked? I understand that you are super busy, and no worries if you cannot respond, – I just thought I’d ask, because like you I love butter and bacon as much as kale and carrots.

    Keep doing your thing, Joy!


  2. When will we be receiving our subscription box? I am greatly anticpating its arrival.

    1. did you get out email? subscription gifts have had to be postponed to mid july shipment. you won’t be charged a thing beyond what you’ve already paid. email enjoy at joy the baker dot com with any questions.

  3. I am newly obsessed with your blog. I found it through Punchfork on one of my lazy sunday scroll-fests and stumbled onto the Lavender Lemonade recipe and almost died. Lavender is my weakness. If I could put it in everything I would, along with rosemary. I’m a young aspiring chef in Santa Monica and I cant wait to try out your recipes. My boyfriend is pretty pumped too! Keep up the awesome!

  4. Hi Joy! I’m a new follower and love your posts and podcasts. I’ve just ordered your book and can’t wait to get it. In the meantime I was searching your site for recipes using rhubarb. We just bought a hobby farm and now inherited rhubarb, a big raspberry patch and asparagus! The rhubarb is about ready. Am I missing it or maybe you don’t like rhubarb! :) Cook on, girl! You are inspiring!

  5. Loved loved LOVED your molasses bread recipe! I just made it today and even my husband, who is not a bread-man had a slice! Now the kids are on their way over for a slice to go with my homemade strawberry jam!

  6. LOVE your site! Stumbled on it my accident looking for a strawberry custard pie recipe and let me say
    ~ you are so refreshing! Love the fact that you are so not the “typical” cooking maven who does everything perfectly- little does the public know- there are a cast of thousands behind the scene really doing all the work! Your instructions are clear, concise and LOVE your comments! The pictures to accompany them are killer! I adore your cat as well- so adorable! Can you tell you have a new fan?
    Rock on! And this from a 46 yr old!

  7. Just found you through pinterest and am loving your site. It’s so refreshing. I’m a wife and mother of 3 who adores every aspect of food; from selecting it at the market to preparing and eating! Can’t wait to subscribe and begin creating from your recipes.

  8. Yes. I you click the dropdown arrow you can adjust to get daily digest or every response or none! You can also go under your account setting under “notifications” and ajust things there.

  9. Hi Joy,

    I enjoy reading your posts at work over here in Australia but they seem to have stopped arriving in my email inbox! I have tried subscribing again, but it tells me I am already subscribed. Any chance your webmaster can take a look for me so I can continue to enjoy your recipes and cheerful banter.


  10. I just bought your book and have been reading and laughing. I plan on trying every recipe. I love the way you wrote your book, definitely easier to read than most. I tried the smore’s brownies. I think I either over stirred or overbaked. Should they be a cake-like consistency? I hope you will comment, they taste wonderful but I want to get better. I just found your blog and can’t wait to see more recipes.

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