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Easy Summer Shrimp Boil

I’ve learned something very important about New Orleans… I’ve learned that there’s A LOT I don’t know about New Orleans.   This beautiful, majestic, haunted, steamy city I’ve called home for over a year has secrets.  Big secrets about past…

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Beyond the Kitchen

I Love You, New Orleans

ew Orleans, you beast.  You wild, unpredictable, crazy fun, wholly overwhelming place.  New Orleans isn’t just a city… it’s a spirit and culture.  It’s a lady and a trouble-maker.  It’s palpable and  irresistible, and will not be ignored.  New Orleans,…

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Bread Cakes Holiday Most Polular Block Two

Mardi Gras King Cake

‘all… it’s TIME. It’s time for the brioche-rich, cinnamon-swirled, colorfully sprinkled cake that is KING CAKE!  It’s carnival time here in New Orleans.  That means that we’re celebrating life, pushing the limits of indulgence, dancing in the streets (most literally),…

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Beyond the Kitchen

New Orleans: ManhattanJack

I’m taking my time getting to know New Orleans.  There’s so much to learn about the food culture here.  Things like where you get your beignets, where your po’boy bread comes from, and who makes your King Cake all make…

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Beyond the Kitchen

To New Orleans We Will Go!

I’ve been staring at this map of New Orleans for most of the morning.  I’m trying to memorize the way the Mississippi River shapes and bends the city.  I’m trying to remember the order of the streets in the French…

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