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August 2009

Fruit Pie

No-Bake Orange and Cream Pie

Is it just me, or is making a pie sorta like going to jury duty? Don’t get me wrong… I sometimes (no.. not always) like throwing together a pie.  I also sometimes like trucking my rear downtown for jury duty…….

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Beyond the Kitchen

Secret Vintage Wonderland

  Shareen.  Do you know Shareen Vintage? Oooooooh my word.  Should I tell you about Shareen? Shareen Vintage is a wonderland of vintage dresses.  Ok… I’m about to combine three concepts that you probably thing an impossibility in combination: reasonably…

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Beyond the Kitchen

Virtual Picnic Planning!

  Hey Friends! Guess what!? OOOooh yes! It’s almost picnic time! That means… it’s almost Virtual Picnic time! But what the heck is a virtual picnic, and how is this going to work? Don’t worry. I have answers. Here’s how…

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