Picnic Openings! Who Wants In!?

Raspberry Almond Cupcakes 

Hey there friendlies!  

I have a few spots open for this weekend’s grand bash!  Have nothing to do this Sunday?  Want to hang out with me on a rooftop downtown.. picnic style?  Did I mention there will be cupcakes…?

If you want a last minute invite, email me at: 

joythebakerpicnic (at) gmail (dot) com

Yes?  Yes.  This is happening.

Back to our regularly scheduled recipes and stories soon… promise.

7 thoughts on “Picnic Openings! Who Wants In!?

  1. I want in, but i live too far away. Can’t wait for the pictures. I’m making your vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting on sunday, so that will have to be good enough for me. Have fun!

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