Joy the Baker

Dear Future Joy the Baker,

December 29, 2009

Joy the Baker Vacation 

Dear Future Joy,

Once upon a time, probably a good handful of years ago, you took yourself on vacation.  

This was at a time before you had kids or a husband.  When you would treat yourself to the expensive shampoo and conditioner.  When you were convinced that only super rich people get to own houses.  When you couldn’t exactly afford to take yourself away on a fancy vacation… but you did anyway.  

Future Joy… you should know that the Joy of 2009 is totally cheering you on.  She wants you to have the happy husband, and the crazy kids and the mortgage and the life that makes you want to do backflips and rejoice.  But with all that… I’m sure some things will just drive you batty.  You might need to remember this time… this time that happening to me right now.  

Joy the Baker Vacation 

See… it’s quiet here.  There are little napkins with embroidered animals on them.  

Joy the Baker Vacation 

The drapes are gorgeous.. and you never even notice drapes.  

Joy the Baker Vacation 

Drawers have little keys.

Joy the Baker Vacation 

Matchbooks have little painted typewriters on them.

Joy the Baker Vacation 

You’re working on your book proposal.  Your freakin’ book proposal!!!  Yea… you’re pretty excited.

Joy the Baker Vacation 

Working in between making fires…

Joy the Baker Vacation 

and taking baths. 

Joy the Baker Vacation 

There’s art in the garden.  Art.  In the garden!

Joy the Baker Vacation 

Hot Dang!  You’re living the good life and it feels dreamy.  This is the sort of thing you’re going to need to draw upon when you’re getting a root canal, or standing in line at the DMV, or trying to wrangle toddlers into car seats.  Remember that once upon a time you took yourself on a big, fancy vacation, and you felt so blessed and enjoyed every single moment of it.  Remember.  

Love you.  Mean it.

Present Joy

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